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Job opportunities

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Post-Doctoral Research Associate

Molecular transitions in social evolution

Deadline for applications: 23:59, 8th April 2017

PhD opportunities

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Funded PhD Studentship: 

Testing a mechanistic general model of global ecosystems: improving prediction by increasing simplicity

Supervisor: Dr. David Murrell

Deadline: Open until suitable candidate found

Details: The Madingley Model (https://madingley.github.io/) is the first mechanistic general ecosystem model of ecosystem function and structure that is both global and applies to marine and terrestrial environments. It starts from microscopic events (births, deaths) and processes (metabolic rates) at the scale of the individual and scales up to dynamic and patterns at the macroscopic (ecosystem) scale. The current model makes a number of predictions that seem to match empirical patterns, eg inverted biomass pyramid for marine ecosystems; body size -growth rates of individuals, but others (eg heterotroph mortality) appear to fit less well.