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PhD opportunities

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Funded PhD Studentship: 

Testing a mechanistic general model of global ecosystems: improving prediction by increasing simplicity

Supervisor: Dr. David Murrell

Deadline: Open until suitable candidate found

Details: The Madingley Model (https://madingley.github.io/) is the first mechanistic general ecosystem model of ecosystem function and structure that is both global and applies to marine and terrestrial environments. It starts from microscopic events (births, deaths) and processes (metabolic rates) at the scale of the individual and scales up to dynamic and patterns at the macroscopic (ecosystem) scale. The current model makes a number of predictions that seem to match empirical patterns, eg inverted biomass pyramid for marine ecosystems; body size -growth rates of individuals, but others (eg heterotroph mortality) appear to fit less well. 

Excellence Fellowships

UCL’s Excellence Fellowship programme – Deadline 10th May 2017. 

UCL's Department of Genetics, Evolution and Environment (GEE) is a world class department with a broad research portfolio. We are currently recruiting promising early-career researchers via UCL’s Excellence Fellowship programme. We aim to expand our current strengths by encouraging applications from outstanding applicants in the main research areas within the department:

  • Comparative ‘omics’ and deep evolutionary analysis (new Centre for Life’s Origins and Evolution, contact Prof. Max Telford, m.telford@ucl.ac.uk)
  • Research at the interface between biodiversity and environmental change (Centre for Biodiversity and Environmental Research, contact Prof. Georgina Mace, g.mace@ucl.ac.uk) 
  • Statistical and computational biology (R.A. Fisher Centre for Computational Biology, contact Prof. Ziheng Yang, z.yang@ucl.ac.uk)
  • Genetics of health and disease (UCL Genetics Institute, contact Prof. François Balloux, f.balloux@ucl.ac.uk) - Biology of ageing (Institute for Healthy Ageing, contact Prof. Linda Partridge, l.partridge@ucl.ac.uk)

The UCL Excellence Fellowship scheme is run by the School of Life and Medical Sciences and is open to the full range of disciplines in basic and applied life sciences. The fellowship offers salary and research funding, as well as generous funding supplements for individuals transferring existing, externally funded fellowships to UCL. 

Excellence Fellows who are not already holding awards are expected to apply to externally funded schemes, including ERC, Royal Society, NERC, BBSRC, and Wellcome Trust. This requires that Excellence Fellowship applicants are eligible and competitive for these awards. For more information on the Excellence scheme and application process, see http://www.ucl.ac.uk/slms/research/excellence-fellowship/

Candidates are required to identify a sponsor in GEE by contacting a relevant member of staff. Please identify a sponsor and contact Prof. Anjali Goswami (a.goswami@ucl.ac.uk) and Dr Max Reuter (m.reuter@ucl.ac.uk), who are in charge of fellowship support for GEE, to notify us of your interest in applying by April 7, 2017. 

GEE runs a pre-selection to identify candidates for departmental support. Preliminary applications, including a one-page proposal, full CV and the name of the sponsor, should be submitted for internal review by April 25, 2017. Documents should be sent to Prof. Anjali Goswami and Dr Max Reuter. They can also provide assistance with identifying a potential sponsor if contacted in advance of the deadline. Based on the preliminary applications, a shortlist of applicants will be selected for departmental support and invited to submit a full application by the scheme deadline of May 10, 2017. The Department has had great success supporting fellowship applicants from initial application to securing subsequent permanent employment within UCL. You can find more information about the department and its research centres and institutes at http://www.ucl.ac.uk/gee

A note for non-UK applicants: Fellowships allow early- and mid-career scientists to concentrate on their work unhindered by teaching and administrative loads. They are an integral part of the UK academic system and are a typical route towards permanent academic positions. Schemes covering salary and research expenses from a range of funding agencies are open to non-UK applicants. Please see http://www.ucl.ac.uk/gee/fellowships for more details.

For more information on the scheme and application process, see http://www.ucl.ac.uk/slms/research/excellence-fellowship/