Introduction to Mathematical Modelling for Ecology

Date: 5-7 November 2014 

Venue: UCL, Gower St. London, WC1E 6BT (Rooms to be confirmed)


CBER has recently been awarded a grant by NERC to run a short course from 5-7 November 2014 at UCL.

Who is it for? A recent survey reports that the majority of early career ecologists are unsatisfied with their mathematical training at undergraduate level and call for more training in mathematical modelling. This short course will aim to bridge this gap and is aimed at ecologists and conservation biologists who recognise the importance of ecological models and desire to gain a deeper understanding of the tools and concepts that it relies upon.

Aims: Participants will leave better able to understand and critically appraise models used by other ecologists. We also hope that for some the course will act as a springboard to the development of deeper modelling skills; a skill that is widely acknowledged to be lacking in the environmental sciences.

What will be taught? The course will look at Mathematical Modelling for Ecology, and will introduce students to the fundamentals of ecological modelling including the roles of stochasticity in population growth; (st)age-structured models and population viability analysis; models for competitive communities, including ecological networks; and enemy-victim dynamics. The emphasis will be on applications of the models to real world data/problems.

How will it taught? The format will be a mixture of lectures followed by hands on computer practicals using the R-programming package (online introductory tutorials will be available for those with little experience in R). There will also be a discussion session that will allow attendees to raise concepts and terms that remain opaque.

Who will be running the course? Our training team is made up of internationally recognised theoretical ecologists all of whom have experience at teaching theory to early career and undergraduate biologists.

Students who wish to enrol onto this course should apply below:

  • Registration now closed.

This is made possible by NERC's funding into short courses. 


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