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Research Talks

CBER hosts monthly talks across a variety of subject areas in which the centre is involved. These talks are given by staff and students, and provide a forum for informal discussion of ideas and new results. Research talks are open to UCL staff, students and affiliates.

Speaker Date Title
Roee Maor 5th September Activity patterns reveal how dinosaurs shape(d) the evolution of mammals
Sergio Henriques 3rd October

(Medawar Building G01 Lankester LT)

Overcoming bias, misconceptions and misuse of the IUCN Red List; the way forward

Carole Dalin 7th November

From virtual water to sustainability indicators: quantifying the environmental sustainability of food production and trade

Prof Fabio Nascimento, University of Sao Paulo 5th December

Do queens of primitively eusocial insects use pheromones to downregulate worker reproduction?

Alex Pigot 16th January

Ecological communities: accidents of history or ecologically preordained?

Catherine Graham 24th January   Linking patterns and processes across scales: a case study with Neotropical hummingbirds
Robin Southon 6th February Are males in social Hymenoptera just flying sperm?
Seirian Sumner 6th March

Phenotypic plasticity in eusocial insects: genes to behaviour

Richard Gregory 20th March Saving Nature

Lizzie Boakes

3rd April Predicting the effects of climate change on African ecosystems
Postponed 8th May
Jeremy Kerr 
(University of Ottawa)
25th May
12-1pm - Lankester LT Medawar Building

Climate change at the limits of species' ranges: converging responses across continents

Daniella Rabaiotti

5th June

Fiona Spooner

3rd July

Adam Devenish

7th August

All talks take place on the first working Monday of the month, between 1-2pm in the Watson Lecture Theatre, Medawar Building, UCL, unless otherwise stated.

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Past Events

Listed below are a range of past events that CBER has organised.