Centre for Biodiversity and Environment Research


Events and Seminars

CBER hosts monthly talks across a variety of subject areas in which the centre is involved. These talks are given by staff and students, and provide a forum for informal discussion of ideas and new results. CBER also hosts occasional visiting speakers. Research talks are open to UCL staff, students and affiliates.

Research Talks 2017/18

Speaker Date Title
Pavel Pipek
Institute of Botany of the ASCR, Průhonice, Czech Republic
4th September
Medawar Building G01 Lankester LT
The sound of the past: from birdsong dialects to history of avian invasions in New Zealand
Alessandro Cini
2nd October
Keys to the kingdom: how to eavesdrop on social parasite-host relationships to better understand the evolution and regulation of sociality in insects
Nick Isaac
Centre for Ecology & Hydrology
16th October
Modelling biodiversity change from messy and biased data
Adam Devenish
6th November
Are Argentine ants leaving a mark beyond biodiversity loss?
David Murrell
8th January
Georgina Adams
5th February
Rory Gibb
5th March
Fiona Spooner
9th April
Adam Britton
14th May
Tim Newbold
4th June
Thalassa McMurdo Hamilton
2nd July
Jess Williams
6th August
Chris Doble
3rd September

All talks take place on the first working Monday of the month, between 1-2pm in the Watson Lecture Theatre, Medawar Building, UCL, unless otherwise stated.

CBER runs a mailing list which details among other areas of interest, details of upcoming seminars and events. To subscribe, please follow the below link:

Past Events

Listed below are a range of past events that CBER has organised.