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Gotta Conserve 'em All

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Screenshot of Pokemon Go

CBER PhD Student Fiona Spooner discusses how the release of Pokemon Go can have an effect on conservation, and what can be learnt from the popular game.

Research Image as Art

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kingVulture_Sarcoramphus papa

When taking pictures photographers try to capture the best angle, the perfect composition, and the ideal light. It is almost as if they were building the image themselves and the result, as we know, can be really impressive. On the other hand, when setting up automatic cameras to record wildlife none of the photographer’s concerns are high in my list of priorities; I’m simply aiming to obtain records of animals. These photographic records are the data I use in my research, and with them I can test hypothesis and describe patterns about the ecology of elusive species. In my PhD, for example, I’m using data from automatic cameras to investigate the effectiveness of parks and natural reserves in protecting large mammals in the Brazilian Cerrado. So, a blurred photo featuring only part of a maned wolf’s body or a distant and dull armadillo almost out of the frame is all I need to identify the species and have the much-needed data for analysis.

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