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Impact of climate change on Sargassum epifauna

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brown algae Sargassum

As part of her MRes project with CBER, Jennifer Choyce spent two months in Bermuda looking into the impacts of climate change on calcifying species associated with Sargassum seaweed. Here, she talks about her experience on the project.

Biodiversity falls below ‘safe levels’ globally

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150716-1 - An example of land use change in the South of France - Tim Newbold

Levels of global biodiversity loss may negatively impact on ecosystem function and the sustainability of human societies, according to UCL-led research.

The environmental impacts of alien birds

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13072016 - Alien Bird by Tim Blackburn

Thousands of species have been moved by people to areas where they do not naturally occur. These alien species can have negative impacts on the environments into which they are introduced. Given the vast number of aliens, and the broad range of impacts they can have, how do we identify which are the worst in order to prioritise our remedial or preventative actions? One method that shows a lot of promise is the Environmental Impact Classification for Alien Taxa (EICAT).

UCL Excellence Fellowships Now Open

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Applications for the UCL’s Excellence Fellowship programme are now open. The programme has a closing deadline of 15th July 2016. 

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