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Roee Maor


The biodiversity crisis human activity has sparked threatens our world as we know it, but only little is known about the processes underlying this crisis. How is biodiversity created in the first place? How do species coexist on limited resources? Are there general patterns that can help us understand how ecological communities are structured? To begin answering these questions I study the evolution of mammalian activity patterns.

A species’ activity pattern is the distribution of daily activity typical to its members. Activity patterns allow animals to optimally adjust to environmental changes such as air temperature, food availability, predation risk etc. Since they are genetically inherited, activity patterns reflect the interplay between a species’ evolutionary history and the environmental pressures it faces at present. Whether through direct or indirect interactions, a species’ activity affects other species, so the evolution of activity patterns is strongly linked with the structure of ecological communities.   

I use phylogenetic methods to trace back the evolution of mammalian activity patterns, look for their ecological underpinnings and the consequent impacts on ecological community structure. As I’m mainly interested in nature conservation, I aim at producing knowledge to inform conservation planning and practice. This project combines elements from a number of my fields of interest by binding animal ecology together with macroevolution, (island) biogeography and macroecology. 

Roee Diving


Prof. Tamar Dayan, Tel Aviv University, Israel
Prof. Kate Jones, University College London (UK)

Other interests

Heavy as this may sound, I also do other stuff: travelling abroad, particularly for hiking, is definitely my favourite of them all.  Meeting different people, getting to know some of their history, culture and language are always fascinating. I think islands are fantastic, and have spent 3 years in New Zealand, Australia and Japan. Currently in the UK, looking forward to the next adventure. 


2004-2007: BA + BSc (dist.) in Life Science and East Asian Studies, Tel Aviv University (Israel)

2007-2008: International inter-disciplinary program, Kyoto University (Japan)

2010-2011: Independent research (Japanese govt. scholarship), Kyoto University

2011-2012: MSc in Ecology, Tel Aviv University (Israel)

2013-present: PhD research, Tel Aviv University and University College London (UK)

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