About Us

CBER is a vibrant research centre bringing together UCL researchers from a range of departments across UCL including Life, Earth, Social, Computational and Mathematical Science directed by Prof Georgina Mace.

The Centre is supported by finance from the Provost’s Strategic Fund and a major investment by the Faculty of Life Sciences.

CBER will have its physical home a new development of the Medawar Building, due to open mid-2013. A history of CBER can be found here.

A full list of all associated staff and their relevant publications can be found on UCL's IRIS site.


Professor Georgina Mace Director of CBER
Dr Ben Collen Lecturer
Professor Kate Jones Chair of Ecology and Biodiversity
Dr David Murrell Senior Lecturer
Dr Richard Pearson Lecturer

Members of CBER

Dr Helen Chaterjee Senior Lecturer
Dr Julia Day Lecturer
Dr Anjali Goswami Lecturer
Professor Judith Mank Chair of Evolutionary and Comparative Biology

Fellows and Post Docs

Dr Elizabeth Boakes Dr Celine Bellard
Dr Caroline Howe Dr Oisin Mac Aodha
Dr Dave Redding Dr Phillip Staniczenko
Dr Vassilios Stathopoulos  

PhD Students

Supervised by Professor Jones Supervised by Dr Collen
Ellie Dyer  
Alison Fairbrass Chris Clements
Henry Ferguson-Gow David Curnick
Alexander Gorbachev Gita Kasthala
Tim Lucas Helen Meredith
Roee Maor  
Elizabeth Moorcroft  
Veronica Zamora-Gutierez  
Supervised by Dr Murrell Supervised by Dr Pearson
Alex Crampton-Platt Helen O'Neill
Alessandra Dupont Laura Nunes
Fraser Murdoch  

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