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Personality Profiling

What to expect...

These workshops will give you an insight into your own personality and how you may differ from others. This can help you to gain a better understanding of how to work effectively in a team and will be useful if you are considering a leadership role in the future.

Understanding the similarities and differences between yourself and others will help you to interact positively in group discussions, which are often used during employer assessment days as part of the recruitment process. Personality profiling workshops can also help you to identify the types of work and working environments that you may enjoy.

The profiling tool that is used by the Careers Service is the well established
Myers-Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI).

How to prepare...

The questionnaire you'll collect when paying the £5 fee must be completed before the workshop. No other preparation is required.

Booking Instructions...

You MUST register in advance, pay a non-returnable £5* deposit AND collect a questionnaire if you wish to attend an MBTI workshop. Places are allocated to those making the payment on a first come, first served basis. More students register interest online than there are places available so you will remain on a reserve list after registering until we receive your payment. We therefore recommend early payment to avoid disappointment!

Register using your "My Careers Service" account. If you're using this for the first time, please read the My Careers Service Instructions carefully before trying to log in.

You can register TWO weeks before a workshop takes place and bookings will close when it is fully booked or, at the latest, 1 working day before the event.

Can I attend if I haven't booked?

No. As attendance requires the fee to be paid and the questionnaire to be completed in advance, it wont be possible to turn up on the day and attend.


To ensure you know when a workshop you're interested in is available for booking, we strongly recommend that you register with UCLAlert!

*The £5 covers the cost of the workshop materials for those who do attend.

Autumn Term Workshop Programme

Details of events that will take place during the Autumn Term will be advertised here during Freshers' Week, (week commencing 22nd September 2014). To ensure you do not miss out on any event, make sure you register with UCLAlert! Please ensure you've signed up if you'd like to know about them.

Cancellations, Late Arrivals and No Shows...

These workshops are popular and usually fully booked. The £5 deposit guarantees your place at the workshop but, if you know you'll be unable to attend, you can cancel your booking by email, phone or in person up to one working day before the workshop, return the questionnaire and receive a full refund.

Late Arrivals
For all events, please aim to arrive 5 minutes before the published start time. If you arrive late, the facilitator reserves the right to refuse entry so that you don't disrupt the event for other attendees who arrived on time.

If you don't cancel in advance, are late or simply don't turn up to a workshop you're booked to attend, you will be asked to return the questionnaire and will not receive a refund on your payment.

After the Event / Unable to Attend?

We have a range of reference books available for use at the Careers Service on the Myers Briggs Type Indicator.

The Help With... Aptitude Tests section of our website can also suggest a range of resources on this and other types of personality test.

Other Events...

Having attended this workshop, you might also be interested in in the networking / recruitment events we run or our programme of Skills Development Events.

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