Practice Interviews

If you're preparing for any type of interview, in addition to the range of Interview Preparation Resources available, you can also make use of our 1-1 Advice / Coaching services:

1-1 Practice Interviews

This role-play exercise with a Careers Adviser will help you practice typical interview questions for the role you've applied for and help you work on your interview technique. You'll receive feedback on your performance during the session and have chance to address any other concerns you have about the interview process. We aim to make practice interviews as similar to the real thing as possible so you must have a real interview invite before booking. Sessions are available all year round - find out more about availability and booking...

1-1 Practice Interviews by Employers 

As part of the UCL Skills4Work Programme, a range of recruiters have offered their time and expertise to help prepare you for standard internship or graduate scheme interviews. As these practice sessions aren't for a specific company/job, you can use these 1-1 sessions to experience what being interviewed by a real employer is like and get feedback on your performance and you do not have to have a real interview invite to book one. Sessions are available during the Autumn and Spring Terms. Find out more about availability and booking...

Short Guidance Appointments

If you just want to discuss a particular aspect of a forthcoming interview or have a specific question about the interview process, 15 minute, 1-1 Advice Sessions are available through our Short Guidance service. Appointments are available all year round and subject to same day booking so are ideal if you've been invited to a real interview at very short notice. Find out more about availability and booking...

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