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Application Checking

If you've written an application for any purpose in any format, (CV, cover letter, personal statement etc.), based on the guidelines provided in the Application Resources available and would like someone to review it before sending it off, there are two options available:

1-1 Applications Advice

Speak to a member of the Careers Service Team with specialist training on current recruitment methods and what employers look for in applications. Separate to our general Short Guidance service, these 15 minute 1-1 appointments will focus on whether a particular application is fit for purpose and give you advice on how to improve it if necessary.
Sessions are available all year round - find out more about availability and booking...

1-1 Applications Advice by Employers 

As part of the UCL Skills4Work Programme, a range of recruiters have offered their time and expertise to help with internship or graduate scheme applications. Use these 1-1 appointments to get an application checked and find out from those doing the hiring, what will make your application stand out.
Sessions are available during the Autumn and Spring Terms - find out more about availability and booking...

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