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Lost Property

Visited the Careers Service recently? Think you've left something here?

Details of personal belongings left in our library, offices or at events run by us will be detailed below.

If something is yours, you can collect it from the Careers Service by providing a more detailed description of what you've lost.

Items found will be kept for 1 month after being posted on this site and then either binned or given to a Charity Shop if appropriate.

Items lost recently:

  • Over the ear headphones (left Tuesday 6th March)
  • Oyster card (number is required when collecting)
  • USB stick
  • Black scarf

Items lost since September 2011:

  • Knitted mittens
  • Man's multi-colored scarf
  • Umbrella x 2
  • Orange jumper
  • Men's navy cardigan
  • White bobble hat
  • Multi-colored scarf
  • Patterned umbrella
  • Black gloves
  • CD/DVD folder
  • Drinks flask
  • Glasses case
  • Phone cover
  • 2 floppy disks
  • Earphones
  • Box of matches
  • Calculator
  • 1 packaged calculator
  • 4 USB sticks
  • Keys (2 sets)
  • Mini stapler
  • Small zip pocket bag with loose change
  • 1 graph pad
  • 7 personal notepads
  • 1 diary (Spanish)
  • 1 course brochure
  • 1 set of passport size photographs

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