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UCLAlert! is the official careers email service for UCL students and GradClub members.

  • Be first to know when UCL Careers Service Events open for booking
  • Keep up to date with important news from the Careers Service
  • Find out about events run by¬†The Careers Group, University of London
  • Get vacancies sent straight to your inbox

Your UCLAlert! preferences are part of your "My Careers Service" account so can be updated / amended online. All UCL students have an account but if you haven't used yours before, you can use the link above to find out what your log in details are.

Sign up now...

Log in to your My Careers Service account and use the "My Account/My Profile" link in the banner toolbar to check your personal profile details and edit/update where necessary. To ensure you only receive emails relevant to your interests, you need to:

  • Select "Yes" to receive JobAlerts
  • Update the "Email for correspondence" if you have a preferred email address but DO NOT amend the address that's set as your username.
  • Ensure your "Graduation Year" is set as the year that you complete(d) your course at UCL even if the Graduation ceremony will take place at a later date
  • Add your Job Industry Preferences from the list under "Additional Information"
  • Add any language skills you have

and we'll do the rest...

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