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Work / Study Abroad

If you're considering work or study abroad then use the resources / services listed below to help you:

Online Information and Resources...

International Futures

If you're considering working or studying internationally our International Futures site, (hosted by our parent body, The Careers Group), contains graduate vacancies and internships outside the UK, country specific labour market information plus a range of other resources such as blogs, discussion forums and videos. 

Going Global Career and Employment Resources

Going Global Logo - click to link to website

Going Global career and employment resources include more than 10,000 pages of constantly-updated content on topics such as: job search sources, work permit / visa regulations, application writing guidelines and examples, employment trends, salary ranges, networking groups, cultural / interviewing advice… and much more! You can also visit the Global Forum to chat about living and working abroad.

UCL students and staff can access this online resource using your normal UCL User ID and password, (as issued by UCL ISD - NOT your My Careers Service username). Due to the license restrictions, GradClub members can only use this resource on the computers at the Careers Service. LOG IN NOW...

Careers Tagged

Our staff and other Career Professionals from across our parent body, The Careers Group, University of London, have provided reviews and descriptions of a wide range of other websites and online resources on our online careers resource library - Careers Tagged.

These include a range of country specific profiles with information on the labour market, immigration issues and key vacancy sources plus other useful sites such as Chamber of Commerce sites, Embassy directories and job sites.

Use search tags such as "Working Abroad", "Working Overseas", "Study Abroad", "Study Overseas" and/or tags for the country you are interested in, to get started...

Careers Tagged Logo - click image to link to website

Reference and Loan Books at the Careers Service...

Our range of reference books include guides to working in different countries and areas of the world. These include chapters on the cultural aspects of working in a particular country, as well as sections on employment and starting your own business.

Our files contain reference information on different areas of the world including country profiles.

Free take-away materials...

  • TargetJobs Europe
  • EuroGraduate
  • Vault Guide to the top German Employers
  • Vault Guide to the top Spanish Employers
  • Studies in Australia
  • Malaysia 100 Leading Graduate Employers
  • Graduan (Careers and employability in Malaysia)

Many companies are global enterprises and so consulting our sector specific directories may also be useful to research companies which are based in Britain as well as globally.

Meeting Employers and other Events...

Throughout the year, the UCL Careers Service and our parent body, The Careers Group, run events which can be useful for students looking to work abroad. These include:

  • International Student Talks and Workshops which may be useful to students wishing to move back to their home country or job-hunt in another country.
  • Employer Presentations - Talks by companies, many of which have offices around the world
  • Employer Fairs (Autumn) / Networking Events - A chance to network with employers and ask informally about opportunities in their companies around the globe.
  • Careers Group events, many of which are aimed at an international audience or those wishing to work overseas.

Check our current Events Programme for general details of UCL events and/or register with UCLAlert to be notified of relevant events by email.

1-1 Advice and Guidance...

Through a Short Guidance session, our Careers Advisers can have a chat to you about your thoughts and ideas regarding working abroad.

Applications Advice sessions can help you tailor your application for a specific job or course.

Convention de Stage

What is it?

Students undertaking work placements or internships in France or Spain may be asked for a 'Convention de Stage'. The Convention is a three-way agreement between the student, the University and the host company. Similarly, students undertaking a work placement in Spain may require a 'Convenio de Colaboración'.

Many European Universities include a formalised work placement as part of a degree course, so an agreement would exist between the employer and the University about the nature of the placement.

Will UCL sign it for me?

If the internship you’ve applied for is part of your degree through a year abroad programme, you can contact  the Study Abroad Office at study-abroad@ucl.ac.uk, who would need to approve it before the placement can be taken up.

If however the placement is not part of your degree and is just something you’ve found/organised yourself, UCL may be able to provide a version of the Stage document which confirms that you’re enrolled as a current student at UCL which is again organised through the Study Abroad Office

You should be aware that no UCL department will able to sign an agreement that commits UCL to providing workplace insurance for you and that you will be responsible for arranging appropriate insurance to cover you during your internship but more detailed information on this will be available on the document provided by the Study Abroad Office.

How should I approach the employer if they ask for one?

It's a good idea to talk to the employer directly about what exactly they need and what it needs to say. Most larger companies will be used to receiving applications from UK students and will be aware that not all students can get the recruiter's own version of the Convention de Stage document from their University. If you talk to them about it, you may be able to agree an acceptable alternative.

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