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Getting Started / Exploring Options

Want to find out more about a possible career area or job role? Use the resources listed below to help you:

Online Information and Resources...

Help sheets and Career Planning Guides
Our parent body, The Careers Group, publish a range of downloadable help sheets which can help with making decisions about next steps or career planning.

Titles include:

  • Getting Career Inspiration
  • Entrepreneurship: Self-Employment, Franchising and Freelancing
  • Working for Small Organisations
  • Changing or Leaving Your Course

They also publish the online books:

Destinations of recent Graduates
To get ideas about job areas that graduates from your degree discipline have gone in to in recent years and the range of employers that they work for, look at the What London Graduates Do website.

Hosted by our parent body, The Careers Group, this site contains detailed breakdowns of the job titles, employers and industry sectors for graduates in work 6 months after completing a course at any one of the University of London colleges. 

Alumni Mentoring
Talk to graduates from the course you're doing here at UCL about their career to date. Through the Alumni Office, all UCL students and graduates have access to The Alumni Web Community.

Once logged in*, simply follow the "Careers Mentoring" link and you can then search for contact details of UCL Alumni by:

  • UCL Course or Department
  • Year of graduation from UCL
  • Current occupation / field of work
  • The country they're now based in

Current Vacancy Listings
UCL JobOnline is our online vacancy site. Use this to explore current internship and graduate level job opportunities to gain an understanding of what’s available in different sectors and the range of employers who target UCL students and graduates.

Additional Online Resources
Our staff and other Career Professionals from across our parent body, The Careers Group, have provided reviews and descriptions of a wide range of other websites and online resources on our online careers resource library - Careers Tagged. Use search tags such as "Options" or "Career Choice" to get started...

Careers Tagged Logo - click image to link to website

*Note: Any queries relating to the Alumni Web Community should be directed to the UCL Alumni Office.

Reference and Loan Books at the Careers Service...

We have several books in the careers service dealing with making your career choice, including:

  • What Colour is Your Parachute 2011?
  • How to Get a Job You'll Love

We also have files in the Careers Library which concentrate on:

  • Options with your subject of study
  • Options with your degree level
  • Profiles of different career sectors you may be interested in

Free take-away materials...

Helpsheets, booklets and guides to be collected include:

  • Getting Career Inspiration
  • Postgraduate Study
  • Entrepreneurship: Self-Employment, Franchising and Freelancing

We also stock a range of employer directories, work experience / internship guides plus sector specific guides which are free to collect.

Meeting Employers and other Events...

  • Employer Presentations - Talks by companies throughout Autumn and Spring about their opportunities in order to see who is currently recruiting and ask questions about different types of roles
  • Employer Fairs (Autumn) / Networking Events (Autumn/Spring) - A chance to network with employers and ask informally about current opportunities
  • Sector Themed Weeks - A chance to network with representatives from a specific sector to find out more about graduate opportunities and work experience.

Check our current Events Programme for general details and/or register with UCLAlert to be notified of relevant events by email.

1-1 Advice and Guidance...

Book a Short Guidance session to have a chat with a Careers Consultant about your options and talk over any ideas you might already have.

Also in this section...

Having explored your options, further Help With... pages which might be of use include:

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