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If you application has been successful and you have been invited for an interview, use the resources / services below to help you prepare:

Online Information and Resources...

Downloadable Interview Guides and Helpsheets:

Many help sheets are available as downloadable resources

  • Interviews
  • Oral Presentations
  • Written and E-Tray Exercises
  • Group Exercises
  • Psychometric Tests

A list of sample interview questions is also available to download.

Online Aptitude Testing We now have a subscription to Kenexa so that you can take a full length, online, timed numeracy and verbal reasoning test similar to those used by a wide range of graduate recruiters and receive immediate feedback on your performance. To receive log-in details for this test please email us from your UCL email account including your full name and student ID (UPI) number which can be found on your ID card. UCL GradClub members can register using a personal email address but must have a validated GradClub membership card and include the number that's on this. Alternatively, you can drop in to the Careers Service with current UCL ID.

Additional Resources
Our staff and other Career Professionals from across our parent body, The Careers Group, University of London, have provided reviews and descriptions of a wide range of other websites and online resources on our online careers resource library - Careers Tagged. Use tags such as "Interviews", "Case Interviews", etc. and/or tags for the sector you've applied to to link to a huge range of online resources which can help you prepare for your interview.

Careers Tagged Logo - click image to link to website

Reference and Loan Books at the Careers Service...

We have a range of books with tips on preparing for interviews in terms of what to expect, how to prepare and suggestions of typical interview questions. These include:

  • Job Interviews: Top Answers to Tough Question
  • Great Answers to Tough Interview Questions
  • Vault Guide to Finance Interviews
  • Vault Guide to the Case Study Interview

These books can be used at the Careers Service or are available for loan for up to 3 working days for a returnable £10 cash deposit.

We also stock some reference books on Medical School Interviews.

We also have some DVDs which follow the progress of different interview candidates showing how they prepare and scenes from their real interview. There are also tips from graduate recruiters on what they're looking for and why. These DVDs can can be viewed at the Careers Service and include:

  • Making an Impact – the graduate job interview
  • Why Ask Me That?

Student to Student Interview Feedback
UCL students and recent graduates who've been to Interviews or Assessment centres can give feedback on their experiences for the benefit of other students preparing for interviews. A wide range of employers, sectors and course providers are covered and the information they provide includes:

  • Format of interview
  • Questions asked (with examples)
  • Unexpected questions
  • Tips for future applicants

You can access this in the Careers Service Library.

Contribute to our Resources
If you've been to an Interview or Assessment Centre and are happy to tell us how it went, you can add to the above resource by downloading and completing our Interview Feedback Form.

Free take-away materials...

We have helpsheets available to pick up, including:

  • Psychometric Tests
  • Oral Presentations
  • Interviews
  • Written and E-Tray Exercises
  • Group Exercises

Sector Specific Guides, Employer Directories and Career Magazines: Many of the individiual sector guides will contain tips for interviews and assessment centres. Pick them up free at the Careers Library

Employer Literature: Many employers provide company brochures which can be collected from the Careers Service. These often include specific tips on the company's interview process and make excellent reading when you're travelling to an interview.

Meeting Employers and other Events...

At certain times of year, UCL Careers runs events which can be useful for interview preparation as below. Follow the links to see the current programme:

  • Employer led Skills sessions - workshops or panel talks focussing on key skills that recruiters will assess in interviews / assessment centres. (Autumn Term only)
  • Employer led 1-1 Mock Interviews - role play exercise to help you practice your interview technique with a real recruiter and get feedback on your performance. (Autumn and Spring Terms)
  • Employer Presentations - talks by companies about their opportunities which usually include tips on preparing for their particular interview process. (Autumn and Spring Terms)
  • Employer Fairs or Networking Events - a chance to network with a range of employers from a specific sector and ask informally about interview techniques. (Fairs - Autumn Term only; Networking Events - Autumn and Spring Terms).
  • Careers Consultant led Interview Skills workshops specifically for Masters, PhD or International students
  • Careers Consultant led Interview Skills workshops specifically for GradClub Members

Remember to register with UCLAlert to be notified of relevant events by email.

1-1 Advice and Guidance...

Short Guidance sessions can be used to discuss general interview techniques or to help you understand what employers look for with different selection methods. Can be booked if you don't yet have an interview invite.

If you have been invited to a real interview, a Practice Interview with a Careers Consultant is a good way to experience a real interview situation, practice answering typical questions and get feedback on your performance and tips on how to improve.

Also in this section...

If you're preparing for Interviews, you might also find the following "Help With..." sections useful:

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