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Online Information and Resources...

Our Online Job Boards page lists a range of online job boards and other resources provided by the Careers Service and UCL Union which should be used as a start point when job-hunting.

You can also download the following helpsheets from the Resources Section of The Careers Group's website:

  • How to find a job
  • How to find and apply for unadvertised jobs
  • Internships, Vacation Work and Work Experience
  • Networking

Destinations of recent Graduates

The What London Graduates Do website, (hosted by our parent body, The Careers Group), provides details of employers who have recruited graduates from any one of the University of London colleges during the last 5 years. Unlike the job sites above, it won't provide details of current vacancies but it is useful when job hunting as you can search for details of companies who have recruited graduates recently for the job roles you're interested in.

Alumni Mentoring

Talk to graduates from UCL who are currently working in the types of roles that you're interested in. They may not be able to provide details of specific vacancies but they can provide useful insider tips on the sector and information on where to look for jobs.

Through the Alumni Office, all UCL students and graduates have access to The Alumni Web Community.

Once logged in*, simply follow the "Careers Mentoring" link and you can then search for contact details of UCL Alumni by:

  • UCL Course or Department
  • Year of graduation from UCL
  • Current occupation / field of work
  • The country they're now based in

Careers Tagged

Our online Careers Resource Library, (hosted by The Careers Group, University of London), provides links to a huge range of external online job sites, employer directories, professional associations and recruitment agencies which can be used to find work.

Use search tags such as "Job Site", "Employer Directory", "Professional Association" or "Recruitment Agency" to find listings of the vacancy source type you're interested in.

Alternatively, you can use a search tag for a particular sector or type of job e.g. "engineering", "law", "accountancy", "media", "journalism", "teaching" etc. and then combine this with the vacancy source type for more specific job sites or company listings.

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Reference Books at the Careers Service...

We hold a range of employer / organisation directories for different sectors where company listings are difficult to find online. These will not provide specific vacancies but are useful to those wanting to make speculative applications.

Free take-away materials...

Employer Directories
We stock a range of general graduate recruiter directories which are free for students to takeaway. These all include company profiles with graduate scheme / internship information including application deadlines. Many will also include tips on applications, interviews and assessment centres. Titles include:

  • Prospects Directory
  • Get Directory
  • Guardian UK 300
  • Times Top 100

Sector Specific Guides
For sectors with large numbers of vacancies for graduate schemes / internships, we also stock a range of sector guides with company / vacancy information and application deadline details. Sectors covered include:

  • IT and Technology
  • Management Consultancy
  • Law
  • Engineering and Construction (all disciplines)
  • Accountancy, Finance and Professional Services
  • Banking
  • Patent Work
  • Teaching

Internship / Work Experience Guides
A series of books focusing specifically on this area, again covering comany information and internship application deadlines. Titles include:

  • Target Work Experience
  • Prospects Work Experience and Internships

Meeting Employers and other Events...

You can meet a wide range of recruiters and other organisations to find out about vacancy opportunities through the range of events that are organised by the Careers Service. These include:

You may also have the opportunity to meet employers through events organised in your department. See information on Department Support for more details.

Our Networking pages can also suggest other ways of meeting employers to find out about vacancies.

1-1 Advice and Guidance...

To explore job-hunting techniques in more depth, you can use a Short Guidance session.

Also in this section...

If you're currently job-hunting, you should also look at our Help With... pages on:

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