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My UCL Careers Account

What is it?

Booking System:

Your "My Careers Service" account is a Careers Management Portal from UCL Careers to manage your bookings for:

As well as making bookings for any of the above, once logged in, you can also check details of anything you've already booked and/or cancel bookings if necessary.

UCL Careers - News and Vacancy Notification:

You can also use your My Careers Service account to keep your UCLAlert! preferences up to date if you want to receive event information, general news and vacancy details from us by email based on your interests.

Your Account:

When you start your course, all UCL students will automatically have an account created for them by UCL Careers. It is NOT the same as the general IT account created for you by UCL ISD. Please read the log-in details below for details of your Username and Password.

How to log in...

  • STEP 1 - LOOK UP YOUR USERNAME. This is set as your UCL email address as it appears on the UCL Directory. It IS NOT your "@live" address or any other format of email address you might use so please search for your name on the directory to find the correct format.
  • STEP 2 - REQUEST A NEW PASSWORD. On the My Careers Service Log In Page, you should use the "Reset Password" link to have your password emailed to your UCL email account when logging in for the first time or if you've forgotten it.

If your username as detailed above is not recognised when you request a new password, please contact us so that we can create an account for you.


New Students and Recent Graduates

New Students:

Your My UCL Careers account will be set up at the end of Freshers' Week so will be available for use from the end of the day on Friday 26th September 2014 for booking 1-1 appointments or on to any events we're running.

If, after this date, you find you're unable to request the password for your account using your new UCL email address, please contact us so that we can check your account details for you.

Recent Graduates:

If you no longer appear on the UCL Directory so can't look up your My Careers Service username, it is usually in the format of:

  • firstname.surname.yy@ucl.ac.uk or
  • firstinitial.surname.yy@ucl.ac.uk

where "yy" is the year that you started at UCL. If you're unable to reset the password with this, please contact us to find out what your username is.


How do I use it?

Once logged in, using your account for its various functions is fairly intuitive. More detailed instructions can be found below but please contact us if you're experiencing problems.

Appointment Bookings:

Use the I Want to... / Make Appointment link to search for availability of relevant appointment types. Only appointment types listed as "UCL..." can be booked.

Click on a time slot on whichever day you're free to come in to book. Use the I want to... / View My Activity link to check details of bookings made or to cancel bookings up to an hour before your appointment time if you're later unable to attend.

Event Bookings:

All events run or hosted by UCL Careers Service will be advertised on our Event Listings. When booking/registration for each event opens, you can log in to My Careers Service and use the Calendar to see details of bookable events and register. Use the I want to... / View My Activity link to check details of bookings made or to cancel event bookings if you're later unable to attend.

Email Alerts

Use the "My Account/My Profile" link in the banner toolbar to check your personal profile details and edit/update where necessary - especially the "Email for correspondence" field and mobile number. You can then add Skills and Job Industry Preferences and select "yes" to receive "JobAlerts" to benefit from the UCLAlert! service.

Why can't I use my normal IT username/password?

When you finish your course at UCL, ISD will close down your IT account but UCL Careers provides ongoing services for two years after you complete your course.

My Careers Service accounts therefore have to be available for this period and so cannot be linked with your student IT account.

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