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Careers with an English Language and
Literature Degree

Graduates in English Language and Literature acquire knowledge of a wide range of books and of language and history. The associated skills include an understanding of literary forms, periods and movements, an ability to analyse rhetorical and narrative structures, and an attentiveness to details of language and style in what they read and in what they themselves write. Skills which are transferable into other activities and professions include skills of comprehension, critical analysis, and comparison, skills of oral and written argument and expression, and skills of research and presentation.  Students in the department go on to a wide variety of careers such as law, teaching, journalism, publishing, arts administration, theatre, advertising, manufacturing and finance.

Data gathered 6 months after graduation.
Undergraduate UK and EU students only.
Work + Study
Other *

* ’Other’ includes those graduates who were travelling, not available for employment or unemployed.

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