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Careers with an SSEES History Degree

UCL SSEES graduates are to be found in many walks of life, but of particular interest are those careers which cross international boundaries and which relate to East, South East and Central Europe. Fields such as government service in the UK and EU, research institutes and consultancies (e.g. economic, marketing, political risk and security), banking, accountancy and other financial services, law, academic research, teaching, welfare and rights work, media, business and corporate training schemes - all these have been destinations of choice for SSEES graduates over the years. Of particular interest to students of History, involving the SSEES geographical areas of specialism, are those careers which use this knowledge base, and the skills associated with formulating coherent arguments, and critical analytical abilities.

Data gathered 6 months after graduation.
Undergraduate UK and EU students only.
Work + Study
Other *

* ’Other’ includes those graduates who were travelling, not available for employment or unemployed.

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