Careers with a Bartlett School of Planning Degree

The Bartlett School of Planning degree programmes with accreditation and links with the planning profession through academic staff and relevant professional bodies associated with careers in planning and urban development have a proven record of employability for students. Local authorities, planning consultancies, and relevant specialist departments of many organisations connected with urban and regional development (such as statutory agencies, tourist authorities, regulatory bodies, utility industries, housebuilders, and supermarkets), would be good examples of where to find students and graduates from these courses. Changes and challenges in the sector include sustainability and pressures on public resources, not to mention public accountability, which places a premium on course skills such as interpretation and analysis of trends, ability to take account of conflicting interests, development appraisals, report preparation to name but a few. You will find that Faculty individual course programme descriptions have some useful career pointers under the heading ‘Opportunities’ describing possible next steps from undergraduate courses.

Data gathered 6 months after graduation.
Undergraduate UK and EU students only.
Work + Study
Other *

* ’Other’ includes those graduates who were travelling, not available for employment or unemployed.

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