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Careers with a Laws Degree

A degree in Law is the foundation for either a professional career as a Solicitor or Barrister, or for building on the body of knowledge and many transferable skills from this degree (either within the legal sector or in a wider context, such as in commerce or the public sector). The great majority of leavers enter study or employment, and over half of those choose to go on to qualify in Legal Professional Practice. The law degree will also take you into a variety of fields where skills such as critical thinking, drafting arguments and an analytical approach are appreciated. These, together with the legal co-curricular activities associated with the degree, are considered a valuable asset to any organisation.

Work + Study
Other *

Upon graduation, many students commence professional studies to enable them to go on to qualify as a Solicitor or Barrister. The salaries these students go on to earn after they have completed their professional studies are not necessarily reflected in the above statistics.

Data gathered 6 months after graduation, Undergraduate UK and EU students only.

* ’Other’ includes those graduates who were travelling, not available for employment or unemployed.

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