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3D model shows survival strategies of bacteria

Bacteria are particularly ingenious when it comes to survival strategies. They often create a biofilm to protect themselves from a hostile environment, for example during treatment with antibiotics, and scientists have unravelled the secrets of how they do this with a new 3D model.

Dr Andrew Wills awarded Provosts Teaching Award

UCL is committed to providing outstanding, research-led teaching. The Provost’s Teaching Awards were set up to celebrate the best of pedagogic prowess at UCL and to reward staff who are making outstanding contributions to the learning experience and success of our students. More...

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Careers with a Chemistry Degree

A degree in Chemistry is well regarded by a wide range of recruiters. Throughout the degree, students acquire high levels of practical, analytical, numerical, computational and team work skills.

Data gathered 6 months after graduation.
Undergraduate UK and EU students only.
Work + Study
Other *

* ’Other’ includes those graduates who were travelling, not available for employment or unemployed.

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