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Long Guidance

These hour long, in-depth guidance appointments are only available through referral by a Careers Adviser from our Short Guidance service.  If you've been given a booking form, we recommend reading through the information below before completing this and booking the appointment to ensure you make the most of your time with the Careers Adviser...

What to expect...

Long Guidance Sessions are 1-1 confidential and impartial discussions of up to an hour with a Careers Consultant which can cover a similar range of topics to those covered in Short Guidance appointments. They are only available by referral after an initial Short Guidance session if the Careers Consultant feels you will benefit from a more in-depth discussion than is possible during a 15 minute appointment.

What we don't / can't cover...

As with Short Guidance sessions, Careers Advisers won't make decisions for you or tell you what to do during a Long Guidance appointment.

They also won't be used for checking CVs or applications. We will request a copy of a recent CV if you have one when you book but this is more for the Consultant to get an idea of your education and work history to date rather than for them to give advice on it's suitability for a particular application. When you reach the stage of applying for specific roles, you should use our Applications Advice service.

How to prepare...

During the 15 minute Short Guidance session the Careers Consultant will identify areas that require more in-depth discussion. They may highlight areas for further research using the Next Steps or the Researching your Career sections of our site or other resources as a start point before you book the hour long appointment. 

You'll be emailed a booking form with a range of questions to complete which serves two purposes:

  1. To encourage self-analysis and ensure you're very clear about what areas you want to discuss in more detail and what you want to get out of the hour long session.
  2. To give the Careers Consultant you'll meet enough information in advance so that they can be fully prepared for the types of questions that are likely to come up during the session.

You should therefore think carefully about the questions asked and include any information on the form that you think might be relevant to the discussion.

If you submit an incomplete form with too little content for an hour long discussion, it will either be returned or you may be referred back to Short Guidance to deal with less in-depth queries.

How to Book an Appointment...

Once we receive the completed booking form as above, we will contact you to find a suitable appointment time for you with a relevant Careers Consultant.

Appointments are available Monday to Thursday between 10am and 12pm or 2pm to 5pm (all year round excluding UCL Closure Days)

PLEASE NOTE: Long Guidance appointments do NOT run on Fridays.

If you are late...

If you arrive more than 5 minutes late and the Careers Adviser doesn't feel your queries can be dealt with effectively in whatever time is left of your appointment, you will be asked to re-book for a later date. 

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