Department Support

In addition to the services and events open to all students, our team of Careers Consultants each have responsibility for a number of different departments at UCL. The work they do in departments may include 1-1 advice sessions, talks around career planning and options with your subject or on application / interview techniques.

With support from the Careers Liaison Tutor, (CLT - a member of staff in your department who works closely with the Careers Service), the Consultant may also organise employer led activities such as skills sessions, presentations or networking events.

Your department may also have a Student Careers Rep, (SCR), part of whose role it is to ensure the needs of students are factored into any departmental careers events and activities.

Check with your Personal Tutor or other staff in the Department for details of your CLT or SCR. Details of Careers Consultant Departmental responsibility can be found in the information about Our Team.

Our Departmental Websites also have information on career options based on your degree.

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