One to One Advice - Appointment Types

"Short Guidance" is a confidential fifteen minute 1-1 discussion with a Careers Consultant. It can be used to discuss a range of issues such as:

  • making decisions about life after UCL, e.g. choosing between work, further study or taking time out
  • exploring options related to your degree
  • planning your next steps to get where you want to be
  • how to gain skills or work experience linked to longer term career goals while at UCL
  • changing or leaving your course
  • how to market your degree, skills and/or experience to employers*
  • what to expect at interviews or assessment centres
  • feedback on aptitude test results

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*Note: If you've written an application for something specific and want help with this, you should book for "Applications Advice" as the Consultants won't look through CVs or applications in a Short Guidance appointment.

If you already know what you're applying for and why* but would like advice on a specific application for something before sending it off, our Applications Advisers can help. The session can cover applications for:

  • a job / internship
  • a volunteering project
  • a further study course
  • a PhD position
  • funding
  • or anything else you might be applying for

Whether your application is in the form of a CV, covering letter, personal statement or answers to specific questions on an application form, simply bring in a draft copy plus details of what the recruiter is looking for* and the Adviser can go through these with you.

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*If you're not sure yet what you're going to apply for, you should first book a Short Guidance appointment to discuss your options and to research areas of interest first instead. You can then book for Applications Advice when your CV / application is more tailored to something specific.

If you've been invited to any type of interview, you can see a Careers Consultant for up to an hour for a Practice Interview. The session would generally involve:

  • a role play exercise based around typical interview questions for whatever it is you've applied for*
  • feedback from the Consultant on all aspects of your performance in this exercise such as your general interview technique and the suitability / strength of your answers for the role in question
  • adviceĀ and tips on further preparation and how improve any weak areas
  • time for you to ask additional questions or address any other concerns you have about the real thing

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*If you don't need to practice your interview technique in this way, you can use a Short Guidance session if you just have a questions about what to expect and how best to prepare for the real thing.

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