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Personal Tutors' Support Pack

The Careers Service has put together a pack of resources and information for Personal Tutors that we hope will be of use to you in your discussions with students. The pack includes information to guide students through their identification and pursuit of a career that they might desire. It also provides you with information about referring students to us for more in depth assistance with their career planning. If you would like this pack in a printed format, please email to request a copy.

To access the Personal Tutors pack, please click here

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What Does the Careers Service Do?

The UCL Careers Service provides impartial support and guidance to students in defining and developing their careers during and beyond their degree. It does this through a combination of confidential personal advice, information provision, skills training and activities encouraging engagement with prospective employers and others who can provide insight into careers and career management. What does the Careers Service Do? provides a description of the services we offer and information about referring students to us.

UCL Careers Service Chart

For those who like visual information, this one page chart shows the various activities students can undertake that are organised by The Careers Service. This is designed to assist you in highlighting these activities in discussions with your students.

Key Generic Resources

A one page list of the key resources provided by The Careers Service for use with your students. This list can be printed and given to the student. More bespoke information can be found on your Departmental Careers Webpages or from UCL Careers.

Employability Plan

There are various deadlines that occur throughout the year that will affect the employability of the student after graduation. This chart represents a generalised overview of suggested activities students can undertake at different stages during their degree to enhance their employment prospects. You might want to use this with your students as a guide, taking into account their own personal circumstances and the sector they wish to enter. Generally, engaging early and being aware of deadlines will make the process easier for most students.

Timelines will vary depending on the sector and type of organisation. For most subjects the standard version of the Employability Plan is applicable. For subjects that follow a different format we have generated more bespoke versions.

Careers Consultants for Departments and Careers Liaison Tutors

All departments have a Careers Consultant assigned to them from The Careers Service. In addition, the departments will assign a member of departmental staff to the post of Careers Liaison Tutor. The departmental Careers Consultant and Careers Liaison Tutor are responsible for departmental careers provision such as bespoke lectures and activities. You can find a list of the departmental affiliations of Careers Consultants and Careers Liaison Tutors on our Student Support Page.

Department Programme

The Careers Consultant and Careers Liaison Tutor for your department will have produced a programme of bespoke events for your students. Some will have published this programme on the Departmental Careers Website. For those that have not posted their programme or do not have a departmental careers website you can find out what has been arranged by contacting your departmental Careers Consultant or Careers Liaison Tutor directly. To find out who they are go to our Student Support Page.

UCL Careers Annual Guide

Our Annual Guide, (see link on the right of this page to download a copy), gives an overview of all the activities and services we provide, together with bespoke programmes for certain groups such as international students, PGT students, PGR students, recent alumni and postdoctoral staff. Paper copies are available to students, free of charge, at the UCL Careers.