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International Students

Lecture hall at UCL Academy

Whether you’re an international student hoping to pursue a career in the UK, planning to return home for work or explore options anywhere internationally, we can give you the dedicated support you need.The different Help With... sections of our site will provide information on support available which will be relevant to all students but the sections below highlight support that is more targeted towards International Students.

Talks and Events for International Students

Along with UCL International Office and UCLU Advice and Welfare, we run many talks, workshops and events throughout the year to improve your understanding of what’s needed in the UK job market. We also run events focusing on specific countries to support you in finding work outside of the UK.

Global Students' Talks

Contact Singapore
Monday 28th November 2016
1 - 2pm

This talk is targeted at all UCL students who are planning to look for jobs in Singapore after graduation. Delivered by Contact Singapore, this talk will explore the following:

  • Key industries in Singapore, and hiring opportunities in these industries
  • Work and living in Singapore – key information on personal taxes, visas, cost-of-living, lifestyle and healthcare
  • Contact Singapore’s initiatives to help global professionals access job opportunities in Singapore

Book online through your My UCL Careers account.

Working in the UK after graduation (visas)
Wednesday 30th November

1 - 2pm

This session, from UCLU’S Rights and Advice, will give all the latest details on work visa requirements to allow you to remain in the UK after you have graduated.  Please attend if you’d like to find out more about the different schemes, what factors are considered in your qualification, and gain a broad overview of your suitability.

Learning Outcomes:

  • Learn about the current visa options available after you have graduated.
  • Understand the legal requirements and steps you will have to take to gain permission to work in the UK.
  • Understand the services available from UCLU Rights and Advice to International students and the importance of gaining the correct advice regarding your visas from the only team at UCL legally able to provide this.

Book online through your My UCL Careers account.

Presentation Slides

Where possible, any materials used at an event will be made available to download here. Please check this page after the event but be aware, it may take up to a week for materials to be uploaded.

Visas, Work Permits and National Insurance


Our staff and other Career Professionals from across our parent body, The Careers Group, University of London, have provided reviews and descriptions of websites and online resources which provide information and advice on the range of visa / work permit options currently available for those looking to stay in the UK after graduation plus guides for current International Students thinking about working while you study.

Visit our online careers resource library - Careers Tagged and use tags such as "Work permits", "Visas", "International students" to link to relevant resources.

*This is a subscription-based resource. Current UCL students will need their UCL userid/password to log in. Recent graduates will need to log in to My UCL Careers and use the graduate userid/password provided on the home page.

UCL International Student Support

This department at UCL also provides on-line guidance for information about UK immigration and visas. Areas covered include:

  • Tier 4 applications
  • Short-term Student visas
  • Working whilst in the UK (during and after study)
  • Doctorate Extension Scheme

and more... See the ISS Website for details.

One to One Advice

Issues and queries related to visas, work permits, national insurance, tax etc. cannot be covered during the one-to-one appointments run by UCL Careers.

Students should contact the UCLU Rights & Advice Centre for advice and guidance on these subjects.