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Research Staff


For Research Staff we offer confidential 1-1 discussions with a Careers Consultant of up to half an hour or 20 minutes by phone if you can't visit in person. They can be used to discuss a range of issues such as:

  • decisions about life after your current post-doc position, (academic or non-academic career planning)
  • options related to your area of research
  • planning your next steps to get where you want to be
  • how to get non-academic work experience
  • exploring funding options
  • how to market your PhD, research, skills and/or experience to employers
  • advice on CVs, cover letters, personal statements or any type of application form
  • what to expect at interviews or assessment centres
  • tips on improving performance at aptitude tests or feedback on test results

and more...
Find out more about availability and how to book.

Long Guidance:

We can also offer individual sessions of up to an hour for those who need more in-depth advice and support. These are available by referral of the Careers Consultant after one of the 30 minute appointments.

Practice Interviews

Practice Interviews are available all year round to those with a confirmed 'real' interview and last up to an hour. Find out more about availability and how to book.


Our programme of career skills workshops is designed to enhance the career prospects of research staff at UCL. Five different workshops are provided, each covering key aspects of career management

Unless indicated, the workshops take place in the Careers Service Seminar Room and are delivered by either one of our specialist Careers Advisers for Research Staff. Find out more about our Career Skills Workshops...

The Organisational and Staff Development Team, within the Human Resources Division, work closely with other training providers to offer a wide-ranging programme giving opportunities for all staff to update and enhance their knowledge and skills to fulfil both current and possible future demands at work. Course topics specifically for research staff include; Small Group Teaching, Leading & Managing Research Teams, Research Grants Administration, Writing Targeted Grant Proposals

Click on the link above to access a page detailing what's on offer in terms of organisations that offer training on key skills such as developing research ideas and building collaboration, leadership & managment, and courses providing guidance on funding.

Targeted resources and information to support staff and postgraduate research students in their teaching, and also enable them to meet the mandatory training requirements set out in the UCL Probationary Policies and Guidelines and meet the criteria for membership of the HEA via the UKPSF.

Information on current vacancies - useful for providing information on criteria used by UCL to fill academic positions - as well as general recruitment information, a staff directory, salary scale information and more. 

Includes information on mentoring schemes and support networks based on gender and sexuality

Where it is necessary to make posts redundant UCL will seek to redeploy staff into suitable alternative vacancies elsewhere in the university. Page contains full details and access to the Redeployment Register.

The EAP service, provided by UCL Occupational Health, is there to help you resolve personal and work-related problems, which may affect your health, well-being and work performance. Some of the issues that the EAP can help with: Emotional Health, Family, Consumer Information, Relationships, Legal, Financial.

UCU is recognised by UCL to represent its Academic staff, Research staff and Administrative staff in academic-related grades. 

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