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Career Options with a Research degree


  • 1. Careers Destinations Survey data
  • 2. Career Case Studies of Researchers
  • 3. Relevant Careers, Job Sectors & Employer Information

1. Careers Destinations Survey Data

'What do London Graduates do'

Online database - allows searches, by degree subject, of first career destinations of postgraduate degree holders compiled from national surveys.

Vitae 'What do Researchers Do?'

Downloadable PDFs available with career destinations data of PhD graduates from national surveys. Available under Publications - 'What do Researchers do?'  Note: Requires your UCL username & password for access.

2. PhD Graduate Career Case Studies

UCL PhD Graduates

Graduated between 2004 and 2008 (surveyed in 2010). Click the links to download a PDF file:

UK wide PhD Graduates

A collection of video case studies of PhD holders from various research disciplines in a variety of careers, hosted on the Vitae website

3. Relevant Careers, Job Sectors & Employer Information

  • PDF: Lists of employers - from our Researcher Employer Engagement Programme 2005 - 2013.
  • Website: Careerstagged - Extensive online careers information library

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