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Career Options with a Research degree


  • 1. Careers Destinations Survey data
  • 2. Career Case Studies of Researchers
  • 3. Relevant Careers, Job Sectors & Employer Information

1. Careers Destinations Survey Data

'What do London Graduates do'

Online database - allows searches, by degree subject, of first career destinations of postgraduate degree holders compiled from national surveys.

Vitae 'What do Researchers Do?'

Downloadable PDFs available with career destinations data of PhD graduates from national surveys. Available under Publications - 'What do Researchers do?'  Note: Requires your UCL username & password for access.

2. PhD Graduate Career Case Studies

UCL PhD Graduates

Graduated between 2004 and 2008 (surveyed in 2010). Click the links to download a PDF file:

UK wide PhD Graduates

A collection of video case studies of PhD holders from various research disciplines in a variety of careers, hosted on the Vitae website

3. Relevant Careers, Job Sectors & Employer Information

  • PDF: Lists of employers - from our Researcher Employer Engagement Programme 2005 - 2013.
  • Website: Careerstagged - Extensive online careers information library

Career Planning & Management

1. Academic

Moodle: Research Skills Modules

A series of online modules delivered in Moodle covering a range of research skills important to the early career researcher.

Website: An Academic Career

Tailored information to find out what it takes to make it as an academic, wherever you are in your career. From The University of Manchester

Website: Pursuing an Academic Career

Advice, and resource links, from the UK's official researcher development organisation, Vitae

PDF: The Researchers Survival Guide - UCU

Essential info. on; employer's duties and your rights, you and your research manager.

2. Non Academic

University Researchers & The Jobs Market

Downloadable PDFs from the HE Careers organisation AGCAS with the following content:

  • Volume I - The Career Plan (Making Choices; Identifying Skills; Career Direction; Researching Options; Building Academic Networks)
  • Volume II - The Effective Job Selection Package (Making Applications; Interviews; Assessment Centres)
  • Volume III - The Support (Visiting the University Careers Service; Making the most of Human Resources)

  • Moving On in Your Career. A guide for academic researchers and postgraduates. Lynda Ali and Barbara Graham. Reference copy available in the UCL Careers Library.
  • Alternative Careers in Science, Leaving the Ivory Tower. Edited by CynthiaRobbins-Roth. Reference copy available in the UCL Careers Library.

Academia Beyond the UK

Job-hunting and funding help-sheets

Information compiled in spring 2010. Click on the links below to access the Word documents.

Country - specific academic career information

Details of common pathways of academic career progression and issues within academia for a select number of countries. Information compiled from a survey of visiting academics. Click on the links below to access the Word documents.

Academic Career Maps in Europe

Compiled by the League of European Research Universities (LERU). The maps show the different research positions available in an institution, the levels of responsibility, how they are funded at each stage and how a researcher may progress from one level to the next. Countries covered: Finland, France, Germany, Italy, The Netherlands, Sweden, Switzerland, UK.

Applications, Interviews & Assessments

1. Non Academic

  • Two CV examples (PDF) Examples of CVs of two researchers applying for non academic roles
  • Careerstagged - Searchable online careers resources available for download. Relevant search terms:CVs, Covering Letters, Applications, Personal Statements, Interviews, Assessment Centres
  • Interviews & Assessments - Materials & training support for all students via UCL Careers

NOTE: personal support & training for interviews and applications is available for research students & staff via our Researcher Careers Programme.

2. Academic

Survey of UCL Academics: CV advice

An online survey conducted in 2010 of senior academics previously involved in the recruitment of postdoctoral researchers and academic staff.

Website: An Academic Career, Interviews & Assessment

From the University of Manchester. Includes example questions and advice from academics in video format.

Website: An Academic Career, Making Applications

From the University of Manchester. Includes detailed guidance on the content and expected sections of an academic CV.

Academic CV Examples
Coverletter examples


Funding & Grant Writing Information

Talk, originally delivered at SOAS, giving overview of funders, types of grants on offer and how to put together a research proposal

Includes a workshop 'Think-Write' writing targeted grant proposals'  and 'Research Grants Admin - From Finding Funding to Final Report' (Academic and Researcher Development Section)

How to Write a Good Research Grant Application - UCU Website
Writing A Research Plan

From Science Magazine

Funding Sources - all disciplines

A comprehensive database of a wide range of funding opportunities across all disciplines. Includes UK, EU and non EU funding opportunities. Also provides advice on securing funding. NOTE: Direct access only through a UCL - managed computer.

Umbrella organisation for Publically Funded funding bodies. Funding section includes eligibility criteria, how to apply & grants terms and conditions

Funding encompasses all subject areas

Grant Schemes for early career and senior career scientists

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