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EITF Internship Programme 

The Foundation of the European Institute of Innovation and Technology (EIT), established in 2010 is an independent, not-for-profit organisation under Dutch law. The EIT Foundation is a group of like-minded organisations dedicated to promoting a culture of innovation and entrepreneurship in Europe by bringing together some of Europe's brightest minds.EITF are offering a number of internships for European masters and PhD graduates. NOTE: Deadline for applications: midnight on Thursday 7 November 2013

  • To apply: Send a CV and motivational letter (cover letter), stating which internship(s) you are interested in, to m.leckie@ucl.ac.uk

NOTE: To be eligible for this programme you must be a citizen of a European Economic Area country or a country that is part of The European Free Trade Association.

Additional Information

How long are the Internships?

· They will be 6-12 months in duration

When do they start?

· Sometime in 2014 but the exact timing depends on the host company

What will I gain from the internship?

· real-time working experience in a business environment

· support from experienced coaches and mentors – you will receive coaching on the following:

· Writing a clear and well-targeted project description

· Developing a methodology to successfully carry out the project

· Managing the project (identify targets and priorities, experimenting program and follow up)

· Making a final project presentation

· Writing a clear and concise report on the project

· development of entrepreneurial and innovation skills

· development of soft skills (such as language, communication, teamwork, networking) in the business environment

· payment

How much will I be paid?

· This depends on the company, but guide payments have been given as minimum 490 Euros per month plus housing costs

Who is eligible to apply?

· European graduates (Master/PhD level) coming from selected European Higher Education Institutions (which includes UCL)

· Or European students/PhD candidates who've finished their studies but are still enrolled at the university at the moment of applying

· Academic results – amongst top 30 % of the degree's academic year

· Solid analytical and drafting skills

· Good command of English (other languages are a plus)

· Good communication skills

· In addition, you will be assessed on the basis of your motivation to work in the proposed Foundation companies, career prospects, and international experience

Important Notice

· Successful candidates will receive a housing allowance but you will be eligible for travel costs (unless you can negotiate with the company)

· Candidates will need to arrange all relevant insurance

· UCL is not the ‘placement broker’ and therefore has no responsibility for candidates’ welfare during the internship

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