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Recruit a UCL Student

There are a number of ways that you could recruit a UCL Student. For a simple overview of these please click on each of the headings below.


Advertise UK or International Graduate or Graduate Track opportunities (including Internships and Work Experience) to UCL students, or to students at all colleges within The Careers Group, University of London (including UCL).
Where job descriptions are 25 words or under, the entry is free, but for more than 25 words the entry will cost £149 (+VAT).

Before posting a vacancy for the first time, you must set up an account by following the 'Advertise Now' link below. You will then be able to place, edit and delete your own vacancies online.
More Information / Advertise Now

If you have any further questions about advertising, please contact us on 020 7866 3620 / 22 or by email at: careers.events@ucl.ac.uk


Advertise career opportunities through targeted emails to UCL students/graduates, or to students/graduates from all colleges within The Careers Group, University of London (including UCL). Targeting criteria for UCLAlert include degree discipline, preferred career option, degree class and year of study.
Sending a UCLAlert will cost £149 (+VAT).

Before posting a vacancy for the first time, you must set up an account by following the 'Advertise Now' link below. You will then be able to place your UCLAlert online.
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Email by Nationality

We recommend UCL Alert as the primary means of sending information about vacancies or careers events to UCL students.

However, If you wish to target by nationality, you can send an email to ALL UCL students of any particular nationality at a cost of £146 (+VAT).

This charge is to send the same message to as many nationalities as you wish. For example: you could send the same text to Chinese, Hong Kong and Taiwanese nationals at UCL for £146 (+VAT), but sending different messages to these three nationalities would cost £438 (+VAT).

Before sending any message to students of a particular nationality you must either place the same information on UCL International Job Online, or send a hard copy for display in UCL Careers Service. This is so that relevant students of other nationalities are not excluded. To arrange an international mailing, please email careers.events@ucl.ac.uk.

To check the number of non-UK domiciled UK students from a particular country, please refer to this table supplied by UCL Registry.

Placements and Internships

UCL have a number of students looking for paid internships and work experience during the summer months and part-time during term-time.  If you have relevant opportunities for our students please use our UCL Talent Bank shortlisting service or UCL JobOnline advertising service. 

For UCL Talent Bank queries email talentbank@ucl.ac.uk

For JobOnline please register and upload your details.

We also have a number of life science PhD students that are required to undertake a three month placement as part of their academic programme.  More details.  If you are interested in hosting one of these students, please  contact the Placements & Vacancies Manager, Rochelle Symons.

UCL Talent Bank

Talent Bank is a targeted recruitment service to help you source good quality UCL candidates efficiently.

We will market your opportunity to relevant current UCL students and UCL Gradclub members, making clear your selection criteria. We will then match student applications to your role and send you a shortlist of applicants.

Please note this is a shortlisting service only, so you will be responsible for complying with all the legal requirements related to recruiting an employee.

This service is particularly designed for SMEs and not for ongoing recruitment for larger organisations.

For enquiries please contact Lizzy Mckinney at talentbank@ucl.ac.uk.

University of London Temp Agency

Advertise temporary work through University of London Temp Agency.
More Information

UCL Union Jobshop

Advertise part-time and temporary work through UCL Union. (To advertise vacancies through UCL Union Jobshop, you must first set up an account.)
More Information

Employability Competitions

We are keen to promote employers' own competitions that develop graduate employability, or give our students an insight into commercial challenges.
We will list them on our Competitions webpage, as well as feature any student successes on one of our blogs.

If you would like us to feature your competition please email careers.events@ucl.ac.uk with the key details such as title, overview, deadline and prizes, together with a weblink for students to find out more.

Voluntary Services Unit

Advertise local volunteering opportunities through UCL Voluntary Services Unit
More Information

Posters & Flyers

If you have a particular opportunity you want to promote you can send us promotional flyers or posters to display within the Careers Service  Library. Our address is: 4th Floor, ULU Building, Malet Street, WC1E 7HY.

Recruitment Events

We run a number of events such as careers fairs, forums and presentations, where recruiters can meet and speak with UCL students. Please see Recruitment Events for more information.

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