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Psychometric / Aptitude Tests

Graduate psychometric tests are often used during the preliminary application process and are popular with large graduate recruiters. There are two main types, personality tests and aptitude tests. When you're preparing for these, there is a lot of support available to help you...

We also have a range of other resources available if you have been invited to attend an Interview or Assessment Centre.


Careers Tagged is a digital careers library, providing reviews and descriptions of a wide range of websites and other e-resources to help you prepare for psychometric tests.

Use general Search Tags such as "psychometric tests" or "aptitude tests" or more specific Tags such as "verbal reasoning tests", "personality tests", "situational judgement tests" etc. to get listings of relevant resources including:

  • A range of psychometric test help sheets for UCL students / graduates
  • Guidance on why employers use psychometric tests, how they're assessed and how to approach them
  • Information about specific types of psychometric test, such as numerical reasoning, critical thinking and personality tests
  • Free sample test questions to give you online practice**
  • Online discussion forums so you can hear from other students who've been through similar tests

*This is a subscription-based resource. Current UCL students will need their UCL userid/password to log in. Recent graduates will need to log in to myUCL CAREERS and use the graduate userid/password provided on the home page.

**We do not recommend paying for additional tests as UCL students and recent graduates have free access to a range of full practice tests through UCL Careers (see below).

Practice Psychometric Tests

UCL students and recent graduates also have free access to a number of full length, online, timed tests similar to those used by graduate recruiters. You will receive your results and feedback after completing any one of the tests available.

Assessment Day

This website includes:

  • 2 x Verbal Reasoning
  • 2 x Numerical Reasoning
  • 1 x Inductive Reasoning
  • 1 x Logical Reasoning
  • 1 x Diagrammatic Reasoning
  • 1 x E-Tray Exercise
  • 1 x Situational Judgement
  • 5 x Critical Thinking

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Practice Aptitude Tests

This website includes:

  • 5 x Verbal Reasoning
  • 5 x Numerical Reasoning
  • 5 x Diagrammatic Reasoning
  • 5 x Situational Judgement

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*To register to access the test materials for free, all you will need is your UCL email address. Recent Graduates should read the information about "Email for Life" on the Alumni Relations website for details on accessing your UCL email account after graduation.

Reference, loan and take away resources

We stock a range of books on different types of psychometric tests, which will be useful in your preparation.

Click on a book cover to purchase your own copy online or visit our Information Library to use our reference copy or check availability of our loan copies. (Some books can be borrowed on a 1 week loan basis with a cash deposit).

Takeaway Guides / Helpsheets
Paper copies of The Ultimate Careers Guide, (which includes an article on psychometric tests), and the downloadable help sheets, can be collected free of charge from our Information Library (subject to availability).

We organise a wide range of events and workshops, many of which can be really useful to those at the application stage...

Most events require advance booking so follow the links below for more information on:

  • Careers Essentials Programme (Autumn and Spring Terms): A series of Careers Consultant led talks aimed at all students and recent graduates which includes sessions on psychometric tests amongst other topics.
  • Personality Profiling Workshops (All year): These workshops will give you an insight into your own personality and how you interact with others.
  • Employer Presentations (Autumn and Spring Terms): Talks by individual companies which usually include tips on preparing for their application process.
  • Sector Specific Recruitment Fairs (Autumn Term only): A chance to network with large numbers of major graduate recruiters from sectors popular with UCL students and ask informally about their application process.

Please register with UCLAlert! to be notified about events you're interested in by email.

Short Guidance

If you have any queries about psychometric tests you may benefit from a one-to-one Short Guidance Appointment with one of our team of Careers Consultants.

Find out more about availability and booking...

Alumni Mentoring

Alumni Mentoring Network logo - click to log in

Speak to UCL Graduates working in the type of job role / sector you're interested in for 1-1 tips and advice on psychometric tests that they have completed.

Through the Alumni Office, all UCL students and graduates have access to the  UCL Alumni Web Community.

Once logged in*, simply follow the "Careers Mentoring" link and you can then search for contact details of UCL Alumni by:

  • UCL Course or Department
  • Year of graduation from UCL
  • Current occupation / field of work
  • The country they're now based in

*Note: Any queries relating to the Alumni Web Community should be directed to the UCL Alumni Office