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UCL Careers Blog

UCL Careers: Myth Busting

Sun, 01 Feb 2015 14:33:27 +0000

This post originally appeared on the Discover UCL blog “I should know what job I want to have before I go to university” University is the perfect time to investigate different careers, to see which one fits you best. Don’t worry, but take the time to explore different options, get some work experience and discover […]


Considering the charity sector? The pros and cons

Thu, 22 Jan 2015 10:46:30 +0000

Aaron Marchant from All About Group, gives us his take on the pros and cons of the Charity sector. Don’t forget to register for our Charities and NGOs week starting w/c 2nd Feb 2015! When hunting for a career, many students don’t consider the charity and not-for-profit sector, choosing instead to focus on other career […]


VSU’s Winter Volunteering Fair

Mon, 19 Jan 2015 15:02:13 +0000

UCLU WINTER VOLUNTEERING FAIR 12 NOON – 3PM THIS THURSDAY SOUTH CLOISERS & MAIN QUAD MARQUEE Will 2015 be the year that you make a big difference?  If so, a good place to get started will be our Winter Volunteering Fair on Thursday 22nd January. In the South Cloisters we’ll be hosting over 50 different […]


GradClub Membership

GradClub header

To join UCL Careers GradClub, find below details on what you need to do to become a member, what is offered and other important information.

Important Information about Membership

Who can join GradClub?

While you're still enrolled as a current student, (see note below on student status), you should continue accessing services as a student.

Any UCL graduate who has completed a course at UCL within two years of the dates below is eligible to use our services as a GradClub member and your membership will expire two years after your student access ends regardless of the date that you start using the GradClub services.

Those no longer eligible to use our services as a GradClub member can still access a range of Alternative Services provided by our parent body, The Careers Group, University of London.

What does my GradClub membership cover?

GradClub membership is FREE for those eligible to join* and gives you access to:

  • dedicated one-to-one advice and coaching designed specifically for the needs of those who've recently finished their course.
  • access to a range of events and workshops led by employers or Careers Consultants
  • access to information resources / vacancy listings - see the "Help With..." links in the left menu for more information on what's available.
  • free or discounted access to events and courses run by our parent body, The Careers Group, University of London.
  • access to all services that were available to you as a student

Additional Costs: As with student access, most services/events available to GradClub Members through UCL Careers or The Careers Group are completely free. However, attendance at some workshops or courses will require a fee to cover materials or administration costs but these will be clearly advertised with the registration information.

*Please note however that GradClub membership is available to any University of London Graduate to give continued access to their respective College-based Careers Service and most colleges charge for membership. You may therefore find information advertised elsewhere about membership fees for GradClub but this isn't relevant to UCL graduates.

Joining GradClub

There are 4 easy-to-complete steps to register as a UCL GradClub member. 

These steps provide us with your current contact details so we can keep you informed of all the events, services and resources we provide.

Step 1 - Update your Personal details

Log in to your My Careers Service account.  In the "My Account / My Profile" section, update the following:

In the 'Personal information' tab:

  • "Permanent phone" field: Add a current mobile number to enable us to contact you at short notice about events or one-to-one appointments you've booked.
  • "Email for correspondence" field: Change to a personal email address (if you don't plan to use your UCL email account regularly. (Note: Your username will still be your old college email address so please DO NOT change this)
  • "I would like to receive JobAlerts" field: Select "Yes"

In the 'Demographic information' tab:

  • "Year of course" field: Change to 'Graduate' in the drop-down box
  • "Graduation Year" field: this should be the year that you completed your course even if the graduation ceremony itself takes place the following year

In the 'Additional Information' tab

  • "Job Industry Preference" field: You can also tell us what job areas you're interested in.  This will then keep you informed by email of all UCL Careers GradClub and student events and notify you of job opportunities of interest from UCL JobOnline.

Step 2 - Register for UCL Talent Bank

UCL Talent Bank is our own in-house vacancy placement service. Talent Bank will shortlist and recommend relevant UCL students and graduates to employers who fit the bill and will proactively contact relevant candidates.

Note that GradClub careers consultants will be pleased to help you tailor your CV before you apply for any positions and if you secure an interview, they would be happy to help you prepare for it by arranging a practice interview.

Step 3 - Follow us on Twitter

One of the best ways to keep informed about UCL GradClub is on Twitter.  We regularly tweets about careers, jobs and forthcoming events.  Follow us at @UCLGradClub

Step 4 - Your GradClub ID card

If you are visiting UCL Careers for one-to-one coaching or workshops/ events, your old UCL student ID card won't be valid for accessing our services after the dates highlighted below.

To print out your new membership card, log into your My Careers Service account, and click on the "My Account / Print Forms" link as shown below. This will open as a Word document for ease of attaching a digital photo. If you're experiencing difficulties with the document format, there is also a pdf version of the document available.

Before using your GradClub ID card to access our services, you'll need to bring the new card to UCL Careers with proof of your student status, (this can be your old UCL ID card, PORTICO transcript or letter from your department). We'll then confirm the membership expiry date is correct and validate your new GradClub ID card.

Can I access careers advice and information elsewhere?

If you don't want to join GradClub or you have graduated more than two years ago, our parent body, The Careers Group, University of London offers a commercial service specifically aimed at graduate level job seekers / career changers but you will have to pay graduate rates for these services.

Alternatively, there are a range of Government Services available to job-seekers but these are open to the general public and so are less focused on graduate level job seekers.

More details on these services can be found in our information on Alternative Services.

Checking your student status

When you finish your course at UCL, continued access to different student services will vary but won't be guaranteed by the exact expiry date of your student ID card.

To use UCL Careers, in the year that you complete your course, (e.g. the year that your Student ID Card expires), you will have access to our services as a student until:

  • July 31st if you are an Undergraduate (which includes MEng and MSci students completing 4 year courses) or
  • September 30th if you are a Postgraduate (including those taking additional time for writing up).

If you choose to use your GradClub membership will be valid for two years from this date and your GradClub ID card will be required to access our services instead of your old student one.

If you're unsure about your official course completion year or your Student ID card is out of date, you can print off your enrollment status using the UCL Portico System and we will use the course completion date on this to determine eligibility to use our services based on the dates above.

If you're still unsure, please get in touch.