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Recruitment agencies

Some organisations will pay agencies to advertise jobs and shortlist candidates.  They do not  charge job hunters like you for help in finding work; the recruiting employer pays the agency. Some agencies focus on new graduates, some on particular sectors e.g. IT, finance or charities.  Most will offer permanent and temporary positions - sometimes available at short notice.  Agencies vary in helpfulness but many graduates do get jobs using agencies.  In addition, many temporary or contract positions sourced through agencies can lead on to permanent opportunities once you have proved yourself to the recruiting organisation.  Find the agencies that work best for you.

How to use agencies successfully
For our comprehensive guide to recruitment agencies and online job portals including a listing of recruitment agencies that specialise in placing graduates within specific career/ functional areas see ‘The Careers Group Guide to Recruitment Agencies and Online Job Boards’

You can find a searchable database of agencies in the UK by sector of specialisation, region and postcode provided by the Recruitment and Employment Confederation (REC) - the professional body for UK recruitment consultancies.  To narrow your search further, look for agencies that specialise more specifically in your sector of interest rather than more generalist agencies that seem to place candidates in a whole range of opportunities.   Research the agency to see if they are likely to have opportunities for graduates or someone with your level of experience.  Search the REC database.

Another searchable database of agencies can be found at: www.agencycentral.co.uk

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