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What am I looking for?

Often the most important stage of deciding on a future career begins with thinking about yourself.  Identifying your strengths and weaknesses and likes and dislikes, will help you narrow down the type of work you might enjoy. 

Once you start generating a list of potential options, you can then use this knowledge to carry out further job research to understand which is likely to provide what you're looking for.  Think of it as a way of 'interviewing the job market' to see where you best fit.

Online resources and tools

  • How to Analyse and promote your skills for work is our guide to understanding some of the more transferrable skills sought by employers with ideas of how you may have gained these skills from your degree and other activities.
  • Our short guide How to Change your Career has sections on understanding what you want from a career that is as useful for graduates beginning their careers as those changing direction.
  • Prospects Planner is a tool that will help you learn more about what motivates you and what skills and other qualities you have that would be of interest to employers.
  • Sort_it is a collection of interactive modules designed to increase your ability to manage your career. You may find it useful to look at the Self Knowledge section first to help you think carefully about your attributes, skills and interests.

I to 1 advice

Learn more about what you are looking from a career and what you can offer employers by talking to a careers coach.  Read more....

Workshops/ employer events

  • We offer a range of workshops and skills sessions led by employers where you can understand more about the specific skills you have and develop them in relation to your career.  These include our Skills4work series which runs in the Autumn/ Spring and our 2-day Focus on management course. Read more..... 

Reference and loan books at the careers service

We have several books in the careers service dealing with making your career choice, including:

  • What Colour is Your Parachute 2011?
  • How to Get a Job You'll Love

We also have files in the Careers Library which concentrate on:

  • Options with your subject of study
  • Options with your degree level
  • Profiles of different career sectors you may be interested in

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