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Researching Careers

Once you have identified job options of interest, you are ready to start researching them in earnest. 

Most graduates will have developed research skills and will understand that research is a process.  It is unlikely you will get all of the information you need from one source.  Rather, you will start with one online resource or conversation and follow leads from there. 

Online sources of information

  • Our publication How to change your career has a section on researching new careers that is just as applicable to graduates looking to begin their careers.
  • The Industry insights and Types of jobs areas of the Prospects website give comprehensive information about a wide variety of sectors and individual job roles with lots of recommendations for further research sources.
  • There are a range of graduate careers information providers that produce material that can be useful in researching sectors associated with graduate scheme opportunities.  As well as job profiles, employer staff case studies and video testimonies, there are a large numer of recruiting employers profiled.  The most widely used are Targetjobs, Insidecareers, Real World, and The Graduate.  
  • Professional bodies: Almost any industry you have an interest in will have a Professional Association or Body.  Many of these produce careers information and vacancy listings.  The Chartered institute of Personnel and Development (CIPD) for example produces a range of guidance relating to Human Resources. Many also have lists of member organisations that can help to identify employers in the field.  Total Professions provides a comprehensive listing of associations across a wide variety of sectors. 

Employer events

  • Engaging with employers at job fairs and presentations is a great way of learning more about specific industries and job roles.  As a UCL GradClub member you have access to the entire UCL employer fairs, presentations and events programme that primarily runs in the autumn and spring.  Find out more about our events programme.

Using Contacts

  • Utilising Networks is a very misunderstood but highly valuable activity for generating interesting options and learning more about them. Find out more about how best to generate ideas for contacts you can use as part of your research including accessing the UCL Alumni careers mentoring database in our information on Creating and utilising a network

Getting Experience

  • Gaining experience of the industry that you are interested is important (and sometimes essential) in the current highly competitive job market. 

    There are increasingly opportunities for those leaving UCL to gain access to graduate internships, work experience and shadowing offered by a very diverse range employers on a short, long or part-time basis.  Find out how  how to learn more about roles of interest by gaining first hand experience in our Jobs and work experience area.

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