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As well as the online careers information and resources below, the UCL Careers library hold a wide range of resources in other media including careers leaflets, take-away guides and loanable reference material. You can drop in at any time between 9.00 am - 5.00 pm, Monday to Friday to use this material.

Our careers information is divided into the three main stages of managing your career - Career Planning, Job hunting and Applications and interviews.

Career Planning

Some people have always known what they want to do with their life.  Others graduate without having an idea.  Most fall somewhere in the middle.

Finding a career that will suit you is a process that requires investing time in understanding what interests and abilities you have, generating ideas for roles that might suit you and then carrying out research to understand which will provide the best match.

Many graduates worry that they'll make the wrong decision and one false start will doom them forever.  If this sounds familiar, bear in mind that no decision is final and many graduates will learn more about themselves as they find their way into the workplace and many graduates will move between employers, roles and sectors many times during their career.

Job Hunting

Once you've identified what career areas you're interested in, your next step is to gather information about potential employers and opportunities.

To be an effective job hunter you need to choose the methods that are most appropriate for your target career area. Searching for vacancies using Google is not always the best way to find the job you want. The best job hunters do not wait for the jobs to appear; they are proactive in tracking down the best opportunities.
For an overview of both 'reactive' and 'proactive' job hunting techniques see the Careers Group Guide to Jobhunting.

The following links give more detailed practical advice on a range of the most effective job hunting strategies:

Applications and interviews

From learning how to tailor you Cv for a specific opportunity to excelling at interviews and assessment centres, in a competitive job market, it’s important that you're marketing everything you have to offer in the best possible way.

The following links give detailed practical advice including online resources and ways to engage with the GradClub service through 1 to 1 coaching, workshops and events.

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