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GradClub 2010

If you completed an Undergraduate course in 2010, you are no longer eligible to join/use the GradClub Scheme - please see information on Alternative Services.

If you completed an Postgraduate course in 2010, use the information below to find out more about GradClub.

How much does GradClub membership cost?

The joining fee is £55. This can be paid with credit or debit card online when you register. If you would prefer not to pay online, cash, cheque or card payment can be made at the offices of our parent body, The Careers Group, University of London.

What does my GradClub membership cover?

GradClub membership gives you continued access the same range of services you had access to as a UCL student, e.g. careers information resources / vacancy listings, 1-1 advice and coaching plus access to recruitment / networking events and a range of skills workshops led by employers or Careers Service Staff - see the left menu for more information on what's available.

You'll also have access to events and courses run by our parent body, The Careers Group, University of London.

Additional Costs

As with student access, most services/events available to GradClub Members through UCL Careers Service or The Careers Group are completely free. However, attendance at some workshops or courses will require a fee to cover materials or administration costs but these will be clearly advertised with the registration information.

How long is my GradClub membership valid?

When your access to our services as a student ends, (see note on student status below), you can use your GradClub membership for up to two years, regardless of the date during this two year period that you join. Therefore, the earlier you join, the more time you will have to make use of your membership.

How do I join GradClub?

Registration and payment (with credit or debit card) is quick and easy through the GradClub website. (PCs are available at the Careers Service if you don't have internet access elsewhere).

When asked for Graduation Year, please enter 2010 if that's when you finished the course even if your graduation ceremony took place the following year.

Please note: Once you've joined and printed off your membership card, the first time you access the Careers Service as a GradClub member, you will need to bring your old UCL student ID and a passport-sized photo to get your new GradClub card validated.

Important note on your student status

When you finish your course at UCL, continued access to different student services will vary but won't be guaranteed by the exact expiry date of your student ID card.

For use of the Careers Service, in the year that your Student ID Card expires, you will have access to our services as a student until:

  • July 31st if you are an Undergraduate (which includes MEng and MSci students completing 4 year courses) or
  • September 30th if you are a Postgraduate (including those taking additional time for writing up).

After these dates, valid GradClub ID will be required to access our services instead.

If you're unsure about your official course completion year or your Student ID card is out of date, you can print off your enrollment status using the UCL Portico System and we will use the course completion date on this to determine eligibility to use our services based on the dates above. If you're still unsure, please contact the Careers Service.

Can I access careers advice and information elsewhere?

If you don't want to join GradClub to use UCL Careers Service, the C2 Careers Service at the University of London, (also part of our parent body, The Careers Group), offers advice and information specifically for graduate level jobseekers/changers but you will have to pay full graduate rates for these services. More details on this can be found in our information on Alternative Services.

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