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We provide bespoke resources, events and/or 1-1 appointments to the following groups...


GradClub: What we do

What we do

Finding disability-friendly employers

Tue, 30 Jun 2015 08:45:35 +0000

This article originally appeared on the Reach blog. Researching employers is a great way to help find out which company would be a good fit for you. Targeted research can reveal employers’ attitudes and their corporate social responsibility aims, helping you to find a supportive environment. Employer directories and reviews There are a few employer […]


Senior Research Executive: Inspire Me

Mon, 29 Jun 2015 09:29:53 +0000

As part of our #UCLInspireMe series, Matthew Colahan, Senior Research Executive at Ipsos MORI, talks to us about how he got this role and shares some tips for UCL students who want to get into Research. How did you get into your role? At the beginning of 2012 I was writing up my PhD in […]


Writer and Blogger: Inspire Me

Tue, 23 Jun 2015 09:16:59 +0000

As part of our #UCLInspireMe series, Nicola Twilley, Writer and Blogger, talks to us about how she got started and shares some tips for UCL students who want to become Writers.    What do you do? I live in Brooklyn, and I am a writer, so I have to have a few different jobs in […]


Recent Graduates

"The methods and resources that UCL GradClub place at your fingertips are invaluable..."

When your course at UCL ends, your access to support through UCL Careers to help you get on your way after your degree doesn't.

Through our "GradClub Scheme", for up to two full years after you complete your course*, you'll have continued access to the same range of information resources, job sites, workshops and events and/or appointments for one-to-one advice and coaching that you always had as a current student.

Printing your GradClub Membership Card

To print out your GradClub membership card, simply log into your My UCL Careers account, and click on "My Account" then select the "Print Forms" link in the left menu as shown below.

You can open your ID card as a Word document for ease of attaching a digital photo before printing. If you're experiencing difficulties with the document format, there is also a pdf version of the document which can be printed so that a photo can then be attached separately.

Before using your GradClub ID card to access our services, you'll need to bring the new card to UCL Careers with proof of your student status, (this can be your old UCL ID card, PORTICO transcript or letter from your department). We'll then confirm the membership expiry date is correct and validate your new GradClub ID card for immediate use.

GradClub ID Card Instructions Logo

Making the most of GradClub Membership

We also recommend the following three easy-to-complete steps so you don't miss out on anything as a UCL GradClub member. 

These steps provide us with your current contact details so we can keep you informed of all the events, services and resources we provide.

Step 1 - Update your Personal details with us

Log in to your My UCL Careers account.  In the "My Account / My Profile" section, update the following:

In the 'Personal information' tab:

  • "Permanent phone" field: Add a current mobile number to enable us to contact you at short notice about events or one-to-one appointments you've booked.
  • "Email for correspondence" field: Change to a personal email address (if you don't plan to use your UCL email account regularly. (Note: Your username will still be your old college email address so please DO NOT change this)
  • "I would like to receive JobAlerts" field: Select "Yes"

In the 'Demographic information' tab:

  • "Year of course" field: Change to 'Graduate' in the drop-down box
  • "Graduation Year" field: this should be the year that you completed your course even if the graduation ceremony itself takes place the following year

In the 'Additional Information' tab

  • "Job Industry Preference" field: You can also tell us what job areas you're interested in.  This will then keep you informed by email of all UCL Careers GradClub and student events and notify you of job opportunities of interest from UCL JobOnline.

Step 2 - Register for UCL Talent Bank

UCL Talent Bank is our own in-house vacancy placement service. Talent Bank will shortlist and recommend relevant UCL students and graduates to employers who fit the bill and will proactively contact relevant candidates.

Note that GradClub careers consultants will be pleased to help you tailor your CV before you apply for any positions and if you secure an interview, they would be happy to help you prepare for it by arranging a practice interview.

Step 3 - Follow us on Social Media

You can also keep up to date about UCL GradClub via Twitter, Facebook and our Blogs. We regularly tweet / blog about careers, jobs and forthcoming events. Check our News Page for more details on how to follow us.

Who can use GradClub?

While you're still enrolled as a current student, (see information in next tab on student status), your UCL student ID card will give full access to everything that UCL Careers offers.

For up to two years after these dates, recent UCL graduates will be able to print off a GradClub membership card, (as detailed below), and use this to access UCL Careers until the expiry date on that card.

What does my GradClub membership cover?

Your GradClub membership card will give you continued access to the range of services and resources offered to current UCL students.*

In addition to this, you will also gain access to more tailored one-to-one advice and coaching services designed specifically for the needs of those who've recently finished their course.

When your GradClub membership ends...

Those who are no longer eligible to use our services as a GradClub member can still access careers support through the commercial services provided by our parent body, The Careers Group, University of London which is specifically aimed at graduate level job seekers / career changers but you will have to pay graduate rates for these services.

Alternatively, there are a range of Government Services available to job-seekers but these are open to the general public and so are less focused on graduate level job seekers.

Please visit our Alternative Services page for more information.

*UCL Careers subscribes to a number of externally provided resources. For some of these, the license agreement with the publisher is for current student access only so GradClub members will not be able to access these remotely without a current UCL ISD account. However, the PCs in our Information Library can be used to access these resources.

When you finish your course at UCL, continued access to different student services will vary but won't be guaranteed by the exact expiry date of your student ID card.

To use UCL Careers, in the year that you complete your course, (e.g. the year that your Student ID Card expires NOT the year when you have your graduation ceremony), you will have access to our services as a current student until:

  • July 31st if you are an Undergraduate (which includes students on four year MEng or MSci courses) or
  • September 30th if you are a Postgraduate (including those taking additional time for writing up).

If you choose to make use of our services as a GradClub member, you will be able to print off your own GradClub ID card to gain access to these for up to two years from these dates.

How to check your Student Status

If you're unsure about your official course completion year or if your Student ID card is out of date, you can check and/or print off details of your enrollment status using the UCL PORTICO System and we will use the course completion date on this to determine eligibility to use our services based on the dates above.

If you've already left UCL and cannot access PORTICO, your course transcript summary will contain the same information regarding dates of study.

If you're still unsure, please do get in touch.