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Employer Led Practice Interviews

What to expect...

The face to face interview is a process which practically every student will go through at some point in their career. Even if you're not expecting to attend an interview in the near future, this 30 minute role-play exercise with a Graduate Recruiter will help you practice typical interview questions for graduate schemes and internships. You'll receive feedback on your performance during the session and have chance to address any other concerns you have about the interview process.

Details of which recruiters are taking part can be found in the programme below but, please note, the aim of these interviews is to give you a chance to experience a graduate level interview firsthand and practice your general interview skills so the interview won't be based on questions about specific roles or the company themselves but will instead focus on typical interview questions/scenarios common to the sector that each employer works in.

The interview practice will therefore be useful even if you're not applying to the employer who's running the session.

How to prepare...

As the employers are from a range of companies from different sectors, interviewees will be asked standard interview questions about their chosen area and the skills / competencies required for this. There is no need to do in depth research into a specific company or the roles they have available.

However, you should be prepared to give detailed reasons for applying to a certain job sector and be able to show your motivations for choosing a specific role within this sector as well as having to answer competency questions relevant to the sector.

The Help With... Interviews section of our website will highlight a range of resources available through the Careers Service in terms of what to expect and how to prepare.

You will also be expected to treat the session as a "real" interview in terms of punctuality and interaction with the employer though dress code is optional.

After the Event / Unable to Attend...

If you're now preparing for a real interview, the Help With... Interviews section of our website will highlight a range of resources, other events and one-to-one support available through UCL Careers in terms of what to expect and how to prepare.

Cancellations and Late Arrivals...

For all UCL Careers Events, please aim to arrive 5 minutes before the published start time.

If you arrive late and the interviewer feels there isn't enough time for the appointment to be productive, they reserve the right to cancel the appointment so that later appointments aren't affected.

If you miss the event due to late arrival, you will also lose your deposit.


For those who have registered and paid the deposit, you can cancel up to one working day before the appointment is due to take place and receive a your deposit back in full. If you cancel with less notice, (for any reason), or simply don't turn up, you will lose the deposit.

The Autumn 2017 programme will be available from the end of Fresher's Week 2017.

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  • You MUST register your interest in advance using your "My UCL Careers" account. You can register TWO weeks before each session takes place and bookings will close when it is fully booked or, at the latest, 1 working day before.
  • Once registered, you will need to visit UCL Careers to pick one of the available time slots AND PAY A RETURNABLE £10 CASH DEPOSIT. The slots are booked on a first come first served basis.*
  • If all slots are booked up before you contact us, we will contact you to let you know this and keep you on a reserve list so that we can still offer you a place if there are last minute cancellations.
  • Non-attendance: Due to the nature of the 1-1 appointments and the time kindly given by employers for these, failure to attend your appointment without giving at least 1 working day's notice to cancel your booking will result in your My UCL Careers account being deactivated so you won't be able to book other UCL Careers events or appointments in advance and you will also lose your deposit.

*Please note: There are a limited number of slots (only 6 per employer) and these are likely to fill up quickly due to popular demand.