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Employer Led Application Checking

What to expect...

Through the Skills4Work programme, a range of graduate recruiters have volunteered to offer 1-1 coaching on writing CVs, cover letters, personal statements and/or application forms.

Even if you're not applying to their company, you can get a recruiter's view on any application you've written and they'll suggest tips for improvement in terms of what recruiters generally look for in applications and what will make yours stand out from the crowd. 

What we don't / can't cover?

The Employer will not write your application for you so you should use the resources and/or events suggested below before booking to ensure you have a well written draft before meeting them. They're also unable to provide advice on an application without knowing what it's being used for as content / structure is likely to vary based on a particular recruiter's requirements. They cannot therefore give advice on a "general CV" without at least having some idea of who it's being sent to and why.

Spelling, grammar and general proof reading

As the advice concentrates on the content and relevance of an application for the target area of work or study, while we may point out grammatical or spelling errors in passing, it is our policy not to proof-read applications, nor to give detailed feedback or coaching against English Language competency. Such coaching falls beyond the remit of our specialist area. 

This also means the sessions aren't designed for repeated checks of the same application or multiple applications which are similar in content to make each one word perfect.

Where the English demonstrated in applications is clearly unlikely to meet recruiters’ requirements, we would encourage students to take advantage of the wide range of English language courses offered by UCL Language Centre. Our downloadable Spelling and Grammar Guide can also help with common errors.

UCLU also offer a Writing and Language Support Programme (WaLS)  to assist non-native English speaking students with their academic writing and speaking.

You could also show the application to someone whose first language is English to proofread it or for help with spelling/grammar - e.g. a friend, work colleague, someone on your course etc.

Foreign Language applications

We are aware that UCL students go on to live, work or study in a wide range of countries. However, we are only able to read and give advice on applications written in English. Our Work and Study Abroad page does provide links to resources with very detailed information on how application procedures / formats may vary in different countries so these can be used with the advice on content as detailed above to draft an application in English which you can later translate into the relevant language.

How to prepare...

Before booking a slot, you will need to write a draft application, (CV, cover letter, personal statement or application form), for whatever it is you're applying for. 

Use the Writing Applications section of our website for advice on how to write the draft application. It provides a range of general resources on writing applications and also give suggestions for sector / occupation specific guides which highlight what recruiters look for. You'll also see information on other events and workshops you might find useful plus details of one-to-one appointments with our own Advisers.

If you're unsure about your career or further study options and don't yet have an application for something specific, a Short Guidance session to explore options will be more useful for you.

After the Event / Unable to Attend...

If you're now writing an application for something specific, the Help With... CVs and Applications section of our website will highlight a range of resources, other events and one-to-one support available through UCL Careers that can help.

If you are late...

If you arrive more than 5 minutes late, your appointment will be cancelled. Application queries cannot generally be dealt with effectively in under 10 minutes and starting late will inconvenience other users of the service.

If you need to print a copy of your application and/or the job/course description at UCL Careers, please ensure you arrive with sufficient time to do so before the appointment starts. If you have nothing ready to be checked when called, you will also be asked to re-book for another day.

Due to the nature of 1-1 guidance however, some appointments can last slightly longer than 15 minutes which means you may not always be seen exactly on time but you should still avoid arriving late and missing your slot.


For those who have registered, you can cancel up to one working day before the appointment is due to take place. If you cancel with less notice, (for any reason), or simply don't turn up, your My UCL Careers account will be deactivated.

The Autumn 2017 programme will be available from the end of Fresher's Week 2017.

Log in to your myUCL Careers account for the latest event details.

To receive notifications about these and other UCL Careers events, make sure you register with UCLAlert!

  • You MUST register your interest in advance through your "My UCL Careers" account. You can register from TWO weeks before each session takes place and bookings will close when it is fully booked or, at the latest, 1 working day before.
  • Once registered, you will need to visit or call UCL Careers to pick one of the available time slots and these will be booked on a first come first served basis.*
  • If all slots become booked up before you contact us, we will contact you to let you know this and keep you on a reserve list so that we can still offer you a place if there are last minute cancellations.
  • Non-attendance: Due to the nature of the 1-1 appointments and the time kindly given by employers for these, failure to attend your appointment without giving at least 1 working day's notice to cancel your booking will result in your My UCL Careers account being deactivated so you won't be able to book other UCL Careers events or appointments in advance.

*Please note: There are a limited number of slots (only 8 per employer) and these are likely to fill up quickly due to popular demand.