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Vascular physiology

Vascular physiology


Led by Professor John Deanfield, the Vascular Physiology Unit based at Great Ormond Street Hospital researches the pathophysiology of the pre-clinical phase of atherosclerosis from childhood.  The aim of this work has been to understand the genetic and novel environmental influences on initiation and progression of disease and the potential for prevention. Traditional clinical endpoints cannot be used to evaluate early disease.  We have therefore continued to develop robust measurements of intermediate atherosclerosis phenotypes as outcome variables.  In parallel, we are evaluating the relationship of these measures to the progression of arterial disease and to clinical cardiovascular events. Non-invasive techniques have been developed and are now established as the gold standard method of evaluating endothelial function in children and young adults who have not yet developed any clinical manifestations of disease.

Key research activities

The Study of Inflammation, Lipid Functionality (including HDL cholesterol)
Investigation of the Role of Obesity and Body Composition
Adolescent Type 1 Diabetes Cardio-Renal Intervention Trial (AdDIT)