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Mathematical modelling in congenital heart disease

Mathematical Modelling in Congenital Heart Disease


The surgical treatment and postoperative management of children with congenital heart defects remains challenging. Using mathematical modelling, the effects of the operation and pharmacological manipulations on patient physiology and outcome can be precisely simulated, and give physicians and surgeons better insight into patient management. In other words, mathematical modelling can be a decision support system in complex congenital heart defects, allowing for precise, patient-specific modelling prior to surgical reconstructions thereby improving outcomes.

Key research activities

Mathematical Models of the Cardiovascular System to Aid Surgical Decision Making

Through a transatlantic network of collaborating investigators funded by the Fondation Leducq, we are designing and constructing patient-specific multi-scale models of single ventricle physiology to guide surgical decision making and postoperative patient management. Specifically, we are using clinically obtained investigations and imaging to construct mathematical models of the entire cardiovascular system to assess local and global effects of the various surgical treatments of single ventricle hearts, and to understand the impact of the altered circulation on postoperative physiology in a patient-specific manner. 

Miniaturised Sensors for Intra-cardiac Pressure Measurements

Through collaboration with two US institutions, Medical University of South Carolina and University of South Carolina, funded by the American Heart Association, we are developing an integrated, miniaturized sensor that can be implanted to monitor intra-cardiac pressure and mixed venous saturation following paediatric cardiac surgery.