UCL Institute of Cardiovascular Science


The UCL Institute of Cardiovascular Science brings together basic and clinical scientists from UCL and expert clinicians from UCL partner hospitals to provide:

  • Innovative research for the prevention and treatment of diseases of the heart and circulation
  • World-class teaching and training in the Cardiovascular Sciences¬†
  • Forward-thinking policy development for effective Cardiovascular disease management

We have about 160 members of staff and 40 research students who are based in different research centres across the Bloomsbury campus and in UCL partner hospitals.

Our research is broad, spanning discovery-based laboratory science, clinical translation and experimental medicine, as well as healthcare evaluation, implementation and policy. Much of the work is interdisciplinary, integrating with UCL Engineering, Nanotechnology, Chemistry, Behavioural Science, and the UCL Genetics Institute. We have a flourishing link with leading cardiovascular scientists and clinicians at Yale University through the Yale UCL Collaborative.