The UCL Cancer Institute Research Trust

Paul O'Gorman building

The UCL Cancer Institute Research Trust is a UK-registered charity (No. 1135220) which raises funds to support the work of the UCL Cancer Institute.

We work closely with the Director of the Institute, Professor Tariq Enver, and his Senior Management Team to identify current funding priorities and to proactively seek funding for those projects.

The Trust often takes the lead in funding projects for which support is not easily obtained from Government, EU or commercial sources. Our funding initiatives can be for capital/infrastructure projects, for specific pieces of highly specialised equipment, for new research initiatives or for researcher salaries (including funding for post-graduate studentships).

In addition to raising money for the Institute generally, the Trust also has discrete funds raising money for research into cervical cancer (The Debbie Fund) and chordoma, a rare spinal cancer (Chordoma UK). If you would like to be involved in setting up a fund to support research at the Institute into a specific cancer type, please contact us to discuss how we can help you.


“The UCL Cancer Institute Research Trust is dedicated to helping the world-class scientists at the UCL Cancer Institute to find better ways to treat cancer.

We raise funds both for specific projects and for the fulfilment of the Institute’s overall vision to improve the way cancers are treated.

The scientists working at the UCL Cancer Institute have made extraordinary advances in recent years and we believe the Institute is on the cusp of some significant breakthroughs in patient care and personalised treatments.

We very much appreciate your interest and hope that you will want to get to know us better – we value your support.”

Richard Sutton-Mattocks



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