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Why support the UCL Cancer Institute Research Trust?

The UCL Cancer Institute Research Trust raises money for innovative and patient focused research taking place at the UCL Cancer Institute. We fund capital/infrastructure projects, specific pieces of highly specialised equipment, new research initiatives, and researcher salaries (including funding for post-graduate studentships).

In research, scientists often receive funding from a number of different sources including Government, EU grants, and commercial sources. Certain projects are harder to raise money for. These include pioneering and novel studies for which there is yet to be proven success; certain equipment or building costs, where the money needed is too great for one organisation; and rarer cancers where there are fewer people affected. It is in these cases where the role of the UCL Cancer Institute Research Trust (CIRT) is vital.

By providing seed funding for new, ground-breaking projects, CIRT allows scientists to get projects off the ground, and by proving their theories within a 2-3 year project they are then able to take these results to other sources to secure large grants and move towards a clinical trial.

Examples of projects we are currently supporting:

  • Replacing basic equipment items that are becoming out of date (centrifuge machines, glass cabinets), as without these vital basic supplies research would grind to a halt

  • Liver cancer research project that will allow at risk patients to be monitored with a simple blood test 
  • Childhood Leukaemia research to fund a new researcher to help pioneer new gene and drug therapies for children and teenagers with leukaemia

  • A Vectra Automated Imaging Machine which will analyse the tumour microenvironment at different stages of disease and at different points during the course of treatment in order to better understand the interplay between cancer and our immune systems

  • Understanding genetic variations in lung cancer in order to discover the most relevant targets for personalised immunotherapy

Cancer research funding tends to focus on more common and more understood cancers as a way to giving the best possible chance for impact of the research. For those patients diagnosed with a rarer or harder to treat cancer this lack of research means that their prospects of long term survival from their disease are severely compromised. The UCL Cancer Institute carries out research into a number of rarer and harder to treat cancers and with support from dedicated funds such as Debbie Fund and Chordoma UK, research into treatments for rarer cancers is giving these patients hope for the future.

How you can help:


“The UCL Cancer Institute Research Trust is dedicated to helping the world-class scientists at the UCL Cancer Institute to find better ways to treat cancer.

We raise funds both for specific projects and for the fulfilment of the Institute’s overall vision to improve the way cancers are treated.

The scientists working at the UCL Cancer Institute have made extraordinary advances in recent years and we believe the Institute is on the cusp of some significant breakthroughs in patient care and personalised treatments.

We very much appreciate your interest and hope that you will want to get to know us better – we value your support.”

Richard Sutton-Mattocks



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