Debbie Fund

Debbie Fund

The Debbie Fund was set up in memory of Debbie Phillips, who died of cervical cancer on 11th February 2010. During the progression of Debbie’s disease, it became apparent that there was no dedicated research into a drug treatment specifically for cervical cancer.

The Debbie Fund was set up to raise funds to ensure that the necessary research could be carried out by a team of scientists at the UCL Cancer Institute. Due to the amazing efforts of the Debbie Fund’s supporters, research is already under way.

Cervical cancer is the second most common female cancer worldwide with around half a million new cases each year and 250,000 deaths.

Debbie’s daughter, Sarah, summed up perfectly what the Debbie Fund aims to achieve:

“I hope that one day a lady will come up to me and tell me that she had cervical cancer, but because of a drug that came out of our research, she survived.”

For further information please see the Debbie Fund Website

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