What we do

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The UCL Cancer Institute Research Trust’s mission is to defeat cancer by funding innovative research at the UCL Cancer Institute.

We directly fund projects at the UCL Cancer Institute in order to improve the quality of life and survival for people with cancer and to develop a generation of new, more effective targeted and individualised treatments.

Our goal is to elicit financial support from organisations, groups and individuals to enable the UCL Cancer Institute to continue in its mission of decreasing the burden of cancer; of establishing UCL as a major national and international research hub; and of educating future generations of researchers and clinicians.

Cancer directly affects more than one in three people during their lifetime and, although cancer research and medicine have made major headway during the last decade, cancer is still responsible for more than a quarter of all deaths in the western world.

The UCL Cancer Institute is working to meet the need for more mechanisms and ways to diagnose cancer earlier and to deliver more effective treatment with fewer side effects by integrating basic, translational and clinical research.

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