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Freemasons charities help fund two important projects at the UCL Cancer Institute

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Dr Sergio Quezada and Dr Marc Mansour
Dr Sergio Quezada and Dr Marc Mansour

World Cancer Day 2016

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The 4th February marks World Cancer Day, a day when people consider how they can reduce the burden of cancer globally. 8.2 million people die from cancer worldwide each year. With research we can unravel the genetic cause, create better treatments and screening methods.

2016 London Marathon team runner - Kevin

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2016 London Marathon team runner - Kevin
2016 London Marathon team runner - Kevin

Kevin Smith is part of the 2016 London Marathon team running for the UCL Cancer Institute Research Trust. He said:

“All of us know, or are likely to know, someone who has experienced cancer. For me, a close friend fought serious cancer at UCL - and thankfully, beat it. The team at the UCL Cancer Institute do important, ground-breaking work that will ensure that more types of cancer are treatable and beatable. They helped my friend, and maybe people you know and love too.”

The UCL Cancer Institute houses over 300 scientists with a mission to improve the quality of life and survival for patients with cancer. 

To support James and the research taking place at the UCL Cancer Institute please sponsor him

New Ovarian Cancer Drug Approved by NICE

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Ovarian Cancer
Ovarian Cancer

A new ovarian cancer drug, which has shown to be effective for women with recurrant ovarian cancer in trials carried out by Jonathan Ledermann, Professor of Medical Oncology at the UCL Cancer Institute has been approved for use in the NHS by NICE.

Olaparib (also known as Lynparza) has gained approval for the maintenance treatment of relapsed platinum-sensitive ovarian, fallopian tube and peritoneal cancers. The drug will be used by those who have tested positive for BRCA 1 or 2 gene mutations and who have platinum sensitive disease.

The research, published in 2014, showed that women given this drug had a significantly longer progression free survival than those given a placebo (an 82% reduction compared with the watch and wait patients).

Ovarian cancer is the fifth most common cancer in women and those who have BRCA1 or 2 gene mutations have an increased risk of developing the disease.

2016 London Marathon team runner - Luke

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Luke Trickett is running the 2016 Virgin Money London Marathon for a fund organization devoted solely to the discovery of new treatments for cervical cancer. The Debbie Fund, was set up in memory of Debbie Phillips, who died of Cervical Cancer in 2010.

Research into treatments for cervical cancer continues to be very encouraging and work on antibodies developed by the Debbie Fund team has now been published and presented at International conferences.  Test tube studies showing that the Debbie Fund antibodies inhibit the migration of cancer cells have been particularly exciting.

Luke said, "Unfortunately in 2105 I have had a number of close friends and family diagnosed with cancer. Having previously worked with Debbie's daughter Katy, I understand the importance  of the research into cervical cancer, and how vital fund raising can be.

I hope by running for the Debbie Fund, I can help to raise the profile and the importance of the great work the researchers at UCL Cancer Institute are doing"

To support Luke's training please sponsor him

2016 London Marathon team runner - James Jaulim

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2016 London Marathon team runner - James Jaulim
2016 London Marathon team runner - James Jaulim

James Jaulim has joined the 2016 London Marathon team running for the UCL Cancer Institute Research Trust. He said:

“I’m very excited to have the opportunity to run the 2016 London Marathon for the UCL Cancer Institute Research Trust and support the amazing work that the institute does. I’ve seen cancer have a strong and lasting impact on close members of my family and friends, particularly in recent years, and it’s a privilege to be able to do even a small amount to help the vital research that the Institute does. 

In addition, the company I work for, NLP Planning, has been a long-term supporter of the Institute. This dates back to assisting UCL with obtaining planning permission for the Cancer Institute building in 2003, and I’m pleased to be able to help continue this link.

I only really took up running in the last year, completing my first marathon in Berlin in September, and I hadn’t anticipated enjoying it as much as I do. I can’t wait to have the opportunity to complete a marathon in my home city on April 24 and to do it for such a good cause!”

To support James please donate here:

2016 London Marathon team runner - Miranda

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Miranda Essex is running the 2016 London Marathon to raise money for the UCL Cancer Institute Research Trust which supports patient centred cancer research at the UCL Cancer Institute.

The Institute is one of the world’s foremost cancer research facilities and the cancer research hub of University College London. The research covers everything from the basic biology of cancer through to clinical trials where patients are offered the latest treatments. Their purpose is to carry out vital research in order to make new discoveries about cancer and improve treatment for patients.

Miranda said "'My Grandfather was the Chairman of the UCL Cancer Institute Research Trust before himself dying of cancer in 2010. I have long been supported of the vital research carried out by the UCL Cancer Institute, which has already made great headway in treating cancer and preventing its devastating effects."

To sponsor Miranda please click here

2016 London Marathon team runner - Natalie

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Nats Tanner
Nats Tanner

Natalie Tanner is running the London Marathon after a member of her family was diagnosed with cancer. She said:

“I have been running since university, mainly for fitness and time to think,  I have completed 4 marathons in the last 5 years including the Brighton Marathon and the Beachy Head Marathon. 

My aunt was diagnosed with  Oesophageal cancer in October 2015, which came  as a real shock as she is a fit 60 year old woman.  I felt hopeless in the scope of what I could do to help.  I decided to run the London Marathon, which I have volunteered at, on a number of occasions with my job as a Podiatrist.  

I was and still am inspired by the amount of people running for themselves or for charities. We have all been or may be affected by some form of cancer within our life time, research is the key to help understand and therefore battle this. I am delighted and proud to be running the Virgin London Marathon for the UCL Cancer Institute Research Trust in April 2016. 

So please DIG DEEP and SPONSOR ME !!!”

2016 London Marathon team runners - Ed and Laura

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Ed Major
Ed MajorChordoma croppedLaura

Ed Major and Laura Evans are running the 2016 Virgin Money London Marathon for a fund dedicated to research into a rare cancer, Chordoma.

Chordoma is a rare primary bone cancer (which starts in rather than spreads to bones). It can occur at the base of the skull, the spine or the sacrum and coccyx (base of spine). It is generally slow growing and frequently recurs after treatment.

For those diagnosed with chordoma treatment options are limited. Initial diagnosis is often difficult as its presenting symptoms can mimic more common musculoskeletal pain or other more common diseases.

Professor Flanagan at the UCL Cancer Institute has carried out research which led to a definitive marker for chordoma, but now further work is underway to use these findings to discover how best to treat patients.

All money raised by Ed and Laura will be going towards this research.

Ed said, "After losing my Father to Chordoma in 2015 I am running in his memory. Chordoma UK was closely in his heart as he had hands on experience with what the research could do for all rare cancer sufferers. I hope by running, I can raise the profile of the great work the team at Chordoma UK is doing"

To support their marathon please sponsor them

2016 London Marathon team runner - Holly

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HollyClairFinnMarathon Musings

Holly Campbell

Holly will be running her first marathon in 2016 in support of two friends Finn and Clair who have each had to confront cancer.

Clair lost her mum to breast cancer and her cousin to ovarian cancer. She was tested for the BRAC1 gene in 2013 and was found to be at a higher risk of familial breast or ovarian cancer. She eventually had her ovaries removed followed by a bilateral mastectomy in April 2014. During recovery from these procedures, Clair’s medical team told her they had found a tumour. She underwent a CT scan and a third operation in the space of a month to perform a node biopsy. Although the cancer had not spread, she was advised to have chemotherapy as a precaution.

Clair’s treatment finished in September 2014 and she remains cancer free today. Genetic research was fundamental to Clair’s early diagnosis and the success of her treatment: the lump which was discovered during her mastectomy was too deep to be detected by a physical exam; she is too young to qualify for routine mammograms; and an MRI scan prior to her operation revealed no signs of breast cancer.

In November 2014, 3 year old Finn had some small lumps on his scalp. They grew rapidly over the following weeks. On Christmas Eve his family received the shattering news that he had Acute Lymphoblastic Leukaemia. Treatment started immediately. The first seven months were a near continuous onslaught of drugs, blood draws and dressing changes, over 20 intravenous chemotherapies, 5 blood and 2 platelet transfusions, general anaesthetics and lumbar punctures (he has had 11 so far), among other things.

Finn is currently in the least intense but longest phase of the treatment cycle. He’s now able to attend school. He is making new friends and trying to live as normal a life as possible.

By the time he is 7, he will have had 200 blood tests, over 1,250 doses of chemotherapy, 21 lumbar punctures and been on steroids for the equivalent of 8 months.

The UCL Cancer Institute is committed to developing safer, more effective treatments for children with leukaemia.

To make a donation please visit here

To read Hollys blog please click here

Cross the finish line to help research at UCL Cancer Institute

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Sporting event header
Sporting event header

Jeremy Houghton's "Liminal Encounters" charity exhibition

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Liminal Encounters

Liminal Encounters

Internationally acclaimed visual artist Jeremy Houghton, is showing his support for research at the UCL Cancer Institute by donating 25% of the sales of purchases to the charity at an exclusive viewing on Thursday 22nd October
from 6-8pm.

Guests will have the opportunity to see work from his Royal and sporting residences, alongside his uplifting studies of birds in flight at this much anticipated London exhibition.

Hosted at Gallery 8, Duke Street in Central London, visitors will have the opportunity to meet the artist, who is one of the most collectable British artists of his generation, with past commissions including HM The Queen and who was also an official artist for the London 2012 Olympic Games.

If you would like to attend this exclusive Private viewing, please email Helen at h.quirke[at]ucl.ac.uk or call us on
020 7679 6325

Liminal Encounters will be at Gallery 8 from the 19-23 October.

Please join us and support the UCL Cancer Institute Research Trust.

Promising pre-clinical results for colorectal cancer treatment

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Cancer Imaging

Currently, patients with advanced colorectal cancer (CRC) can only expect a limited benefit from drugs despite extensive efforts to improve their clinical management. This means that the identification of new treatment strategies is vital.

CIRT shortlisted for a £100,000 grant to develop more effective treatments for childhood leukaemia

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UCL Cancer Institute Research Trust has been shortlisted to the final stages of the Masonic Samaritan Fund Silver Jubilee Research Fund, for a chance to win a grant of £100,000. Our research is one of five projects in the running and Freemasons from the Metropolitan Grand Lodge in London have been asked to nominate their favourite proposal over the coming weeks.

Art Auction in Aid of the UCL Cancer Institute Research Trust

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Art Auction

Art Auction

Local and international contemporary artists have donated original artworks and prints for auction to raise money for one of the UK’s leading Cancer Research Institutes.

The Art Auction will raise funds for University College London (UCL) Cancer Institute to support the dedicated researchers and clinicians who are working towards finding new treatments that will make a real difference to the lives of cancer patients.

Artists including:

  • Banksy
  • Antony Micallef
  • Conor Harrington
  • The Miaz brothers
  • Ben Kustow
  • Chris Moon
  • Matt Collishaw
  • Peter Newman
  • Kate Bright
  • Nina Fowler
  • Charming Baker
  • Hayden Kays

This exclusive charity auction, to be held 23rd April at Manette Gallery, in London’s iconic Soho, is a joint partnership venture between UCL Cancer Institute Research Trust and The Groucho Club.

For more information, please contact the team on 020 7679 6325

Running the 2016 London Marathon for the UCL Cancer Institute

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2013 Marathon Runners

Have you been inspired to take on the London Marathon? Would you like a guaranteed place to run in 2016?

Announcing the First Colin Woolf Memorial Research Award

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Francesca Vena

We are delighted to announce the first winner of the Colin Woolf Memorial Research Award, Francesca Vena, a PhD student who produced the winning poster based on her research into pancreatic cancer treatment.

Introducing our 2015 Marathon Running Team

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Lizzie Cockle

Spare a thought for our 2015 Marathon team members who will be pushing themselves on longer and longer runs throughout the winter months in order to raise money to support the research at the UCL Cancer Institute. 

Runners take on the London Marathon

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11 runners took on the 26.2 miles of the London Marathon on 21st April, the warmest weekend of the year after having trained through some of the coldest spring conditions we’ve had in 100 years!

HRH Princess Alexandra celebrates 10 years as Patron

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HRH Princess Alexandra

Supporters and friends of UCL’s Cancer Institute Research Trust (CIRT) joined Trustees and Staff at St James' Palace to celebrate the 10th Anniversary of HRH Princess Alexandra's patronage. 

Winter Newsletter 2014 Celebrating Our Achievements  

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Richard Sutton-Mattocks
Introduction from Richard Sutton-Mattocks, Chairman, UCL Cancer Institute Research Trust

Running the 2015 London Marathon

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2013 Marathon Runners


  • Have you ever dreamed of running the London Marathon?
  • Do you get itchy feet and a nervous tingle when watching the runners pound the streets of London?
  • Are you inspired to do something for cancer research that will benefit scientists working at the forefront of cancer research?

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