UCL Cancer Institute

Zeiss AxioImager A1 fluorescent microscope

support Our Axiovision A1 has excellent optics with DIC and uniform illumination in transmitted light and fluorescence applications; with the highest precision due to new high-performance focus, providing an intelligent control concept for ergonomic work and multi-user operation.

The AxioVision software, developed in collaboration with users, allows you to achieve outstanding results in digital microscopy and documentation. From image acquisition to processing, measuring, and annotating, to archiving and reporting: you can follow the process from beginning to end.

Images can be stored as ZVI formats – which stores your data together with image number, acquisition date, microscope settings, exposure data, size and scale data, contrasting techniques used, etc. – ensuring that the image information is available at any time. No annotations are lost and nothing is forgotten. The image can be reproduced even years later under identical conditions. Images are then exportable with annotations in familiar formats.

Images can be analysed on the system OR with AxioVision LE, a universal image viewer at your disposal free of charge for simple image analysis tasks.

Usage of this system is free. However, ALL users require training prior to using it themselves!

Training Scheduling and Costs

Training on this microscope consists of an hour long session which users must complete prior to using the microscope thereafter.

Each hour session costs £35 to cover the labour costs of trainer. To arrange training please contact Tomas Adejumo or George Chennell.



Tomas Adejumo
020 7679 6895

George Chennell
020 7679 6757