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Zeiss CellObserver Live Cell Imaging Microscope

With our CellObserver Live Cell Imaging Microscope, you have:

  • Specially developed objectives for Live Cell Imaging
  • Incubation with control of temperature, CO2, humidity or O2
  • State-of-the-art Colibri LED light sources and filter sets
  • Accessories such as fast shutters and precise piezo focusing
  • Maximum speed, maximum sensitivity or both:

support Cell Observer® is a proven leader in its field: from routine tasks and complex live cell applications through to 3D imaging – with extremely convenient operation and without the need for laborious modifications.

However varied your incubation applications may be, they are matched by the possible Cell Observer® configurations. From simple heating to the detailed control of all key environmental parameters, the possibility of freely combining all image acquisition dimensions with Cell Observer® opens up a wide range of even complex applications - all with a convenient, universal workflow, maximum precision and uncompromised reproducibility.

Image acquisition modules

Multichannel Fluorescence: acquisition of up to 3 channels in fluorescence and transmitted light techniques in phase contrast.
Time Lapse: generation of image series over time, which can be played back as films and processed further. Contains Smart Experiment function for acquisition of heterogeneous experiments.
Z-Stack: three-dimensional images by means of image sequences from different focus planes.
Mark & Find: acquisition of different positions of a specimen, e.g. from multiwell plates.
Autofocus: automatic refocusing during time lapse and multichannel image acquisition
Extended Focus: Compiles a sinlge in-focus image from z-stack data

Users are charged for using this system – and must be trained prior to conducting any experiments!

Training Scheduling and Costs

Training on this microscope consists of 2 hour sessions which users must complete.

Each two hour session costs £70 to cover the labour costs of trainer and usage of microscope. To arrange training please contact Tomas Adejumo or George Chennell.


Per-Hour UCL External
Use of Microscope £2.50 &Please Enquire
Additional Labour £35.00 £35.00

*Overnight (6pm-8am) charge is £10/every 24 hours is £35



Tomas Adejumo
020 7679 6895

George Chennell
020 7679 6757